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Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall, Lone Star Living is the bouquet that changes with your Texas life. With new bouquets and arrangements each month, you can keep your space feeling fresh. Dazzle your guests with gorgeous floral displays or brighten someone’s day with any of our ready-to-gift products available at H-E-B.


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Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall, Lone Star Living is the bouquet that changes with your Texas life. With new bouquets and arrangements each month, you can keep your space feeling fresh. Dazzle your guests with gorgeous floral displays or brighten someone’s day with any of our ready-to-gift products available at H-E-B.


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Survive the Holidays by Carving Out “Me Time”

Go Easy on Yourself This Holiday Season

During the holidays, we usually give instead of receiving. However, with all the craziness around the holidays, taking care of ourselves isn’t very easy. It can quickly sink to the very bottom of our to-do list. As a consequence of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic this year, this seems truer than ever.

Travel complications and social distancing guidelines mean plans may be changed or canceled. As a result, this can add more distress to a period already packed with worries. It’s okay to feel disappointed about missing out on events, but try not to stay stuck on it. It’s still possible to have a great time, even if your plans have to change.

Reclaim Some Peace

First, you have to get into the right state of mind. For so many people, the holidays bring more responsibility and men doing things for others. In short, this means there’s less time to take care of yourself. However, with all of the chaos that 2020 has brought, you deserve a break. Reclaim a little bit of peace, by carving out some “me time” for the holidays.

In order to ease some of the stress, here are 10 quick tips to begin a little self-care during the most wonderful time of the year.

Take up a Hobby

Maybe you like to exercise. Perhaps you really enjoy flower arranging. Whatever it is you like to do, set aside a bit of time everyday to do it. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. With this is mind, don’t forget about yourself!

Take a Nap

The holidays usually have a way of making our minds run a marathon. Despite a long to-do list, give your body and your brain a chance to recharge. In short, don’t burn out.


“Giving” can mean donating or volunteering. How you choose to give is up to you. Helping people puts us in the true holiday spirit. Not to mention, it can make you feel good about yourself.

Go on a Walk

This is an amazing way to boost your mood. Without a doubt, fall is the perfect time to slip on those walking boots. With that in mind, make sure to breathe in the fresh air and take some thinking time for yourself.

Eat Well

Make good decisions about what you eat. The holidays usually mean a ton of food. However, it’s important to indulge a little. But keep in mind that making good decisions about your nutrition can impact your mood.

Stop Planning and Start Doing

Maybe you want to travel and learn a new language. On the contrary, maybe you want to find a way to give back to the community. Stop letting life get in the way. Use holiday time to get the ball rolling. Make plans to begin with the start of the new year.

Treat Yo’Self

Maybe you’re in need of a D.I.Y spa day. Then again, maybe it’s as easy as gifting yourself flowers and a pumpkin spice latte. Set aside time for whatever kind of self-care you enjoy. Don’t stop loving on yourself.

Let Go of Guilt

This year has been crazy enough. There’s no need to be hard on yourself. If you prefer to social distance and have to decline event invitations, it’s okay to say no. In fact, an important part of taking “me time” is being mindful of your own needs. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself.


The holidays always feel so much more joyful with festive decorations. Holiday decorations are magical. Also, bigger isn’t always better. A holiday bouquet and some quick and easy holiday D.I.Y’s still bring plenty of cheer. These are great ways of getting into a joyful mood.

Ask for Help

Finally, sometimes it’s just not possible to do it all on your own. Thanksgiving prepping and Christmas shopping are huge tasks. Use curbside delivery when possible to make your life a little easier. Also remember to be comfortable reaching out to friends or family for help. Remember that when you ask for help with stressful tasks, you can enjoy the holidays too.

Gift Yourself Time

This season, “me time” is more important than ever. Trying to figure out what the holidays will look like this year is unsettling. This time of the year should be spent on love and blessings, not on worries. Don’t get caught up in the holiday madness! Give yourself the ultimate gift of time. This way, you can recharge and enjoy the holidays. Undoubtedly, it’s one gift you definitely owe yourself.

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Embrace the Changes at Your Thanksgiving Table This Year

T-minus 10 Days

The Thanksgiving Day countdown has officially begun. With COVID restrictions in place, you may be wondering how on earth you’re going to embrace the changes this year. It may be time to break your usual traditions. Get creative and focus on the “why.” The holidays are about disconnecting from our lives. Try to slow down your pace. Then reflect on what you have rather than what you’re lacking. There are thoughtful ways to show your family, friends, and community that although you’re far apart, you’re still close at heart.

Therefore, here are some social distancing hacks to celebrate Thanksgiving this year without being served a side of COVID.

Send a Taste of Home

Are you usually the host for Thanksgiving celebrations? If your house is the center for holiday get-togethers, things might feel a little weird this year. However, try to embrace the changes instead of worrying. Maybe your sweet potato casserole steals the show every year. Who would want to miss out!?

One thing you can do is to start preparing your Thanksgiving meal a couple of days early. Then tightly package the food. Once that’s done, ship servings to family and friends around the country. Similarly, make Thanksgiving meal bags for those nearby. Then place them on your doorstep for contactless pickup on Thanksgiving Day. For an added touch, include a flower note with a thoughtful message. This will help make all of the changes this season a little easier to deal with.

Do the Zoom Thing 

Between work, school, and doctor’s appointments, this is nothing new. Most of us are already used to doing things virtually. If you really want to embrace the changes, make the experience a little more life-like. Do this by broadcasting the video chat on a smart TV. You can even kick it up a notch!

As a matter of fact, everyone can enjoy the same Thanksgiving meal. Just borrow from the first tip above. Ask everyone taking part in your virtual Thanksgiving to volunteer by preparing a couple of dishes. Then everyone can pack the meals for each family, and have everything shipped to one another.

Additionally, learn how to make a Thanksgiving tablescape using flowers. This way, each virtual “guest” has a matching theme. This is sure to create more of a feeling of “togetherness.”