After 2020, you’d think more people would have learned that you can never really know what a year will throw at you! Having goals for self-improvement is never a bad thing unless you are fully prepared to face the fact that you may not reach them. 

This year, we are doing things a little differently. We are walking into 2023 with a “No Pressure” mentality. Our focus is on the areas we are already thriving in and building those up! Did you start a new hobby last year and you are just now beginning to get the hang of it? This is your year to keep riding that wave until you feel strong!  

Don’t add to the list of things you are already working on just to check off a box! 


List it Out.  

  • Write out the things you LOVE about yourself or enjoy doing today!  
  • Ex. My hair color 
  • Ex. My Laugh 
  • Ex. My ability to run 2 miles without stopping 
  • Ex. Watching movies with mom 
  • Write out a list of the things you believe you are already doing great in!  
  • Ex. I love that I picked up pickleball this last year 
  • Ex. I love that I set up a time to play with my dog every day 
  • Ex. I really got good at baking in the last few years. 
  • Ex. I like flower arranging on Sundays  
  • Write out the things you already love and want to keep doing more of. 
  • Ex. I am going to keep running until I reach 3 miles  
  • Ex. I am going to bake something new every month 
  • Ex. I am going to keep watching movies with mom and make it a tradition 
  • Ex, I will continue to make floral arranging part of my self-care routine 

Visualize It!  

Now that you wrote it all out, instead of cutting it out of a magazine, create a vision board with photos of YOU doing those things you love! This way it’s more than a vision board for the “future”—It’s a reminder that is ALREADY these fantastic things! You already met your goals. You are now empowered to continue to perfect the things you are thriving in and ready to own them as yours!  

Invest in It!  

What started a couple of years ago as a hobby is now something you are ready to level up in!  

  • Invest in better equipment  
  • Join groups of people doing the same 
  • Create a small business or shop   
  • Teach others and pass it on 
  • Make a tradition 

There is nothing wrong with NEW goals and NEW dreams. Reach for the stars. Just never forget how far you have already come and the work you have already done.  

It’s much more impactful to build on a foundation you already laid out than to start from scratch. When we focus on the areas we are already thriving in, we are taking the pressure off always having to DO MORE.  

YES, do more of what you already LOVE- don’t add to your list of things just to keep up with society! Slow down. Enjoy what you love. Celebrate who you already are!  

We hope we inspired you to approach 2023 with a NO PRESSURE mentality! 

Happy 2023!  Remember…YOU GOT THIS!