As Spring (slowly) starts making its way into Texas, there are two things that pop into mind: fresh flowers and Spring cleaning. But let’s be honest, y’all — deep cleaning often feels dreadful to deal with! If just the thought of it makes you feel lazy, then keep reading below as this blog post is for you. Today, we’re sharing how to get your Spring cleaning done (the fabulous way) with fresh Lone Star Living flowers.

#1. Declutter: Good-bye, old. Hello, new!

First things first — getting rid of clutter is key. Start by selecting things in your space that are no longer being put to use, they just take up room! Donate or throw away and put Winter things into storage (clothes, decor, etc.).

Place your April Lone Star Living hydrangea bouquet inside a white or glass vase. This helps attract light and keeps your area feeling & looking super clean!

Spring is all about starting fresh and the quicker you do this, the better. Hydrangeas attract abundance & beauty into your space — who doesn’t want that?


#2. Wipe down and move things around

Take out those microfiber cloths and get to dustin’! Wiping down surfaces is much easier (and enjoyable) after clearing out clutter.

A big part of welcoming the Spring season is not being afraid to reorganize and switch things up — get creative with it by adding new decor, wall art and a fresh bouquet of hydrangeas.

Make the most out of your beautiful bouquet by placing inside a multi-vase, like the 3-in-1 we created above.


#3. Bring in the color

Does entering a flower-filled room make you feel happy? That’s because fresh blooms are known to spread charisma! Imagine how lovely it’ll feel walking into your space with a beautiful centerpiece.

Incorporate decor in the color of your hydrangeas to add flair and fun all around you.

Now that you managed to embrace Spring cleaning, kick-back and enjoy your blooms!

(Available at HEB stores!)