Spring is almost here y’all, and it’s time to get our Marie Kondo organization method on! We know how the thought of spring cleaning may sound exciting and draining — but the more this annual task is pushed back, the worst it’s going to feel. Time to stop brushing things under the rug (literally) and toll up the bell sleeves!


Spring is meant for new beginnings, adventures, dècor, and hosting get-togethers at home like a true Texan. It wouldn’t be spring cleaning without a fresh bouquet of Lone Star Living flowers because as y’all know, fresh flowers are the superstars of this season. Bring in beauty and color with the hot pink Spray Roses and Matsumoto found in March’s bouquet. 

Feelin’ inspired to spring clean and organize? Keep reading today’s blog post! 

1. Declutter: Out with the old, In with the new. 

Collector’s items are one thing but it’s another to accumulate and store unnecessary things at home. Make room for all that’s new, by taking a walk throughout your home and place Post-It stickers on everything that needs to go! Take time as you declutter by starting with the easier rooms first such as the bathroom and linen closet. 

 Don’t forget to check under tables and furniture or inside drawers and corners, for any hidden pieces. Keep an essential oil diffuser turned-on as you make room — this helps from feeling overwhelmed. Stick with us, y’all! 

2. Rearrange: Upgrade the look by moving things around.  

Ahh, feeling refreshed yet? Now that you managed to get rid of things, it’s time to switch it up and rearrange! By changing the look and positioning items differently, your home begins to feel lighter and sparks a happier mood. Open up the drapes, move the coffee table closer to the window, and add bright colors and soft textures. 


Re-organizing increases focus, productivity, and creative levels — your guests will be thinkin’ all this is new. Maybe we should spring clean more often! 

3. Cleaning: Grab the vacuum, mop, and dust wipes 

Let’s get to scrubbin’ and polishing all those hard surfaces. Don’t break your back either: spring cleaning is a workout in itself! Not only does a clean home feel (and look) AMAZING but having guests over means considering what affects others, such as allergies. Allergy symptoms are a real issue in Texas between seasons — it’d be best to keep it safe and squeaky clean. 


A little spring cleaning relieves stress and helps from feelin’ scatterbrain. Plug in that hip-swayin’ playlist and get to disinfecting! 


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Now that you’re ready to kick back and relax before it’s time to host, add some finishing touches to uplift the home. Grab a medium-width glass vase from under your kitchen sink — fill it up with water (not too much), cut the stems of your fresh LSL flowers, and remove unwanted leaves. Begin arranging the bouquet to your liking, maybe some stems are longer than others! 


With fresh flowers taking the spotlight and a beautiful, clean home — it’s time to host the guests that will love every minute inside your spring clean oasis. 

Tag us with your March @lonestarlivingb arrangement on Facebook or Instagram, we cannot wait to see! Happy Cleaning 

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