Tejano isn’t something added to Texas culture, but is Texas culture itself. In fact, Tejanos were the first Texans, exploring and settling the land not for Mexico, but for Spain. Some Tejano families have histories in Texas eight generations deep, having ancestors at the battles of both the Alamo and San Jacinto. Tejanos represent the only people to have lived under all six flags for which that theme park is named.

Like most Texans, Tejanos treasure family, friends and any time spent with them. Any gathering of family and friends greatly benefits from the addition of fresh cut flowers.

Three Tejano events were fresh flowers are a must:



Perhaps the most significant function among Tejano families, quinceañeras celebrate a girl’s fifteenth birthday. Tejanos consider these celebrations, which derive from Aztec culture, rites of passage in which teenage girls pass into womanhood. Quinceañeras can range from humble gatherings in the home to extravagant red-carpet affairs, but most involve music, flowers, dancing and a special dress worn by the birthday girl.Hispanic girl cutting cake at Quinceanera

Whether large or small, quinceañeras almost always include fresh flowers to signify a girl blooming into the next phase of her life womanhood.  Here are some ways to incorporate fresh flowers for this event: decor for refreshment tables, centerpiece for dining tables or as decorations on the cake. Consequently, you can also use individual flowers to incorporate as boutonnieres for the ushers, crowns for the little ones, or corsages for the quinceañeras female court. Of course, all  fresh flowers must match the color of the quinceañera dress or decor.  

Family Meals 

Meals bring Tejano families together for food, conversation and fellowship. Traditionally, these meals feature dishes such as cabrito, barbacoa and carne seca.  Of course, chips and salsa are also frequently included. These gatherings can host large numbers of extended family or just the immediate members of the household.

Fresh cut flowers can elevate a simple meal into an event. Seasonal flowers bouquets are available for prices starting at just a few dollars. A bouquet of flowers will enhance any dining table, coffee table or serving area. Also, you can use an additional bouquet of flowers to add accents around any table, in your hair or on a sombrero.

Backyard Bash 

BLD009647Backyard parties bring Tejano communities together throughout the year. Pool parties, dances and cookouts offer family, friends and neighbors a chance to have some fun. Cold drinks and snacks typically keep guests refreshed. These parties also offer a great chance to enjoy Tejano music, whether played on a stereo or a bajo sexto.

You can make your party a smash by decorating with fresh cut flowers. Seasonal flower bouquets enliven most any area of a party. Refreshment tables, dining tables and dance areas will all benefit from strategic placement of fresh cut flowers. Coordinating the colors of seasonal flowers bouquets in different areas can unite the whole space in something like a theme. Individual flowers plucked from a bouquet of flowers can provide floral accents here and there. And if you want, pluck a flower from a bouquet and wear it in your hair.

Tejano is hardly a simple component added into the cultural mix; rather Tejano culture suffuses most every aspect of life in Texas, from the Tex-Mex cuisine to the vaquero hats and boots. Gatherings of family and friends unite Tejano communities by celebrating this lifestyle in Texas. You should remember to use seasonal flower bouquets at quinceañeras, family meals and backyards bashes. Everyone will be happy that you did.

TIP: Having fresh cut flowers doesn’t require a big fuss. H-E-B always stocks seasonal flower bouquets featuring simple flower designs perfect for the lifestyle in Texas. You can pop by the store just minutes before a meal without having to worry about arranging flowers, yourself. Your family will appreciate the added touch.

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