Often talked about within the state of Texas, and sometimes called “school spirit,” pride in high school football concerns more than the score on the board. This pride concerns a way of life in Texas, one in which sometimes vastly different lives intersect for the space of a game. Only a single class of person ever inhabits the stands: one rooting for the home team.


Fresh cut flowers in school colors can, when used in the following three ways, help you express precisely this variety of pride.



1. Flowers Make Great Accessories


Floral accessories in school colors will attest to your dedication. The ephemeral nature of flowers makes their addition to an outfit or person striking and special to the occasion.


Women and girls will find a wealth of options from which to choose. For a natural look without much fuss, you can wear fresh cut flowers in your hair. Additionally, you can sew or glue flowers to clothes and other accessories. Headbands, bracelets, hats and sweaters all offer suitable foundations for arranging flowers. Feel free to experiment. The best arrangements are those you discover, yourself.


Men, on the other hand, seldom wear flowers. For precisely this reason, fresh cut flowers on a man’s person make for especially dramatic effects. A single flower worn on a jacket’s lapel makes a statement none can ignore.



2. Flowers Enliven Any Game Space


Fresh cut flowers can brighten many areas surrounding the game.


Perhaps a football field may seem a tad inappropriate at first. However, every venue can use seasonal flower bouquets. You can always ask faculty members where some school-themed cheer might prove useful. But chances are you will tire of listening before they finish listing all the places.


Of course, you will definitely want to consult the coach or another faculty member before fiddling with anything on the sidelines. That said, you will likely find space near refreshment tables or the cheer squad. The area in the stands near the band should prove ideal for the placement of seasonal flower bouquets.


Also, don’t forget the spaces used before the actual game. Gymnasiums hosting pep rallies, buses conveying players and musicians and, in the days leading up to the game, most anywhere within the school offer suitable locations for a bouquet of flowers.


You can also use seasonal flower bouquets as a starting point from which to craft less conventional decorations. A floral garland will look great wound around the railing in the stands. Any signs or posters will benefit from floral accents.



3. Flowers Reward the People Who Make Games Happen


Perhaps the best expression of pride occurs when you show gratitude to the people who make the game possible.


Remember that high school football requires more than coaches and players. Band members, cheerleaders, student and teacher organizations, maintenance staff and concession workers all cooperate in the production of a high school football game. You can, of course, always give fresh cut flowers to the coach and the team. However, groups and persons less accustomed to recognition often appreciate it more profoundly.


Needless to say, no gift better demonstrates class than one given to the opposing team, without which no game could occur.


High school football is a fundamental part of life in Texas. The games offer not just a chance to win, but also a chance to grow within the community by growing closer to its members. Using fresh cut flowers, you can show your pride by making accessories, enlivening a game space and rewarding people who make games happen. And then you will have justified that pride.