High school football is bigger in Texas. With so much glory on the line, high school players from around the state meet week after week to battle for bragging rights and state titles.

Football is such a big deal in the Lone Star State that the stadiums rival the best the NFL has to offer. If you have been to a football game in Texas, you already know how seriously the locals take the sport. If not, you are in for a real treat the next time you visit the state. No matter where or when your favorite team plays, you can make the Friday night football ritual more fun with flowers. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Floral Centerpieces for Post-Game Parties
The post-game barbecue is as much of a tradition as the opening kickoff, and you will want to set out a hefty spread when the players get home. Those players will have worked up quite an appetite, so get out your best barbecue, grab some plates and get ready.

You can make that spread even better by topping the picnic table with a floral centerpiece. Just grab a few fresh bouquets at the local market, grab a football-shaped vase or display bowl and create a centerpiece worthy of your favorite teenaged sports stars.

Floral Floats for the Homecoming Game
Homecoming is a major event in the state of Texas, and many schools celebrate the occasion with a big parade, dance and other fun activities. If your favorite high school schedules a homecoming parade, why not get together and create a floral float?

If you have the time, the creativity, and the flowers, you can create a float that will get the attention of everyone who sees it. There is no better way to celebrate the Lone Star State’s favorite game.

Decorate the School in Style
School spirit is a vital part of the Texas football culture, and you can get in on the act with your favorite flowers. Just choose an assortment of blossoms in school colors and let your creativity run wild.

From decorations for the gym to classroom décor, there are plenty of options and plenty of ways to show off your school spirit. Whether you are the proud parent of the star quarterback or just a happy Texan, decorating the school with flowers is a great way to show your team spirit.

Bake a Special Cake for Your Football Star
If you are hosting a big party or backyard barbecue after the big game, you can top it all off with a delicious cake. If you have world-class baking and cake decorating skills, you can make the pastry yourself, then top it off with an assortment of flowers in school colors.

If you would rather eat cake then make it, you can pick up a great pastry at the local bakery. Just top it off with a few flowers, invite your favorite football players and watch it disappear.

How do you show your school spirit for your favorite team?

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