No matter which team you favor, the Super Bowl is a big deal. Even dedicated non-football fans love the big game, and hosting or attending a Super Bowl party is an annual rite of passage for people throughout the country.

Whether you are doing the hosting or heading out to a friend’s house for the big day, there are plenty of ways to incorporate fresh flowers and floral décor into the festivities. Here are a few ideas for making flowers the star of your next game day party.

1.Thank Your Host in Style

If you are invited to a Superbowl party, you will want to thank your host or hostess in style. Be sure to stop by the supermarket on your way to the festivities to pick up some extra snacks, a good bottle of wine and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Everyone loves fresh flowers, and your host will be touched by your generosity. Even if the game does not go the way you expect, you will enjoy the beauty that only flowers can bring.

2. Create a Floral Centerpiece for the Big Game

Once the game gets underway, the action will be taking place in the living room as your guests gather around the screen. But before the kickoff, the action will be in the kitchen or dining room – where all that delicious food is just waiting to be enjoyed.

You can make that spread look even better by designing a floral centerpiece with a football theme. Whether you do the work yourself or purchase a ready-made bouquet of flowers, your table will look perfect for the big game.

Make your own Super Bowl Party arrangement in 4 steps (click picture to see how) 

Sports flower arrangement with football vase

3. Use Fresh Flowers to Decorate Your Game Day Food Buffet

The game day buffet is a staple of the Superbowl party, but your does not have to look average and boring. Decorating your game day food buffet with a bouquet of fresh flowers is the perfect way to make your spread look even more appetizing.

4. Enhance Your Superbowl Cake with a Floral Display

No matter how big or elaborate your Superbowl party spread, your guests will still want a sweet treat when the meal is over. The big game cake is a staple of Superbowl parties everywhere, and you will want to make yours as special as can be.

No matter what your stance on football or what your choice of teams, you will enjoy your game day party even more when you incorporate flowers into the festivities. The ideas above can help you get started and get your game day spread off to a great start.

Which one is your favorite Super Bowl party ides?

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