When you think of gifts for Father’s Day, fresh flowers may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Even so, there are plenty of compelling reasons to give your dad the gift of flowers this Father’s Day, and plenty of great ways to present those fragrant blooms.

The great thing about giving your dad flowers for Father’s Day is the huge number of ways you can present those beautiful blossoms. If the kids are looking for a way to make their dad feel special on his big day, they can create an array of floral crafts for him, from bookmarks and notebooks adorned with dried flowers to a freshly arranged bowl of flowers to a floral centerpiece for the meal they have so carefully prepared.

4 floral Father’s Day Gift Ideas:

Give Dad a Crown Worthy of His Awesomeness

Father’s Day is Dad’s big day, so celebrate it in style and give him a gift worthy of the great things he does for his family. If you are looking for a great gift the kids can give their dad for Father’s Day, just stop off at the market for a fresh bouquet of flowers, grab some simple supplies from the craft store and create a crown Dad will be proud to wear.

In just a short time, Dad will have his Father’s Day crown, and the kids will have created a memory the whole family will remember for the rest of their lives. The possibilities are almost endless, and this is a simple craft project even the youngest kids can be a part of.


Create a One-of-a-Kind Gift Basket

Gift baskets are always fitting presents for Father’s Day, but you do not have to give the same old boring basket year after year. If your dad loves to fish and enjoy the outdoors, wrap a fresh blossom around his favorite fly or fishing hook. If your dad is a movie buff, give him a gift basket filled with popcorn, snacks, his favorite DVDs and an array of fresh flowers for decoration.


Adorn Your Presents in Style

If you are looking for a way to make the Father’s Day gifts you buy even more special, consider adorning them with fresh flowers. You can use a single blossom to accent a beautifully gift wrapped package, or use a fresh flower to top off your favorite gift basket. No matter which one you choose, Dad will thank you.


Give Dad a Fresh Bouquet of Flowers

While there are plenty of great ways to incorporate flowers into the gifts you give, there is no reason you cannot treat your dad to a bouquet of fresh flowers. While many people associate flowers with feminine gifts, guys love getting flowers just as much as the fairer sex.


When giving flowers, it is the thought that counts, and there is no more thoughtful gift than a fresh bouquet of flowers. Whether you present your dad with a fresh bouquet and use it as a floral centerpiece or use it to complement your other gifts, dad will love the flowers – and so will you.


Happy Father’s Day to all dads, grand dads and dads to be!