In Texas and throughout the country, the warmer days of summer mean only one thing – backyard BBQ. Whether you have a huge outdoor kitchen or a tiny charcoal grill, hosting a BBQ in your backyard is lots of fun. But before you fire up the grill, you will need to make sure you have everything you need to host a killer celebration. Here are a few items that should be on your pre-BBQ shopping list.


1. Fresh Cut Flowers

Even casual barbecues benefit from fresh cut flowers. A bouquet of flowers atop a checked tablecloth can turn a ho-hum table into a celebration. You can also use a seasonal bouquet of flowers to fashion floral place settings. A single flower can make a natural napkin ring that will impress everyone.


2. Covers for Your Dishes

The local insects are sure to love your favorite dishes as much as you do, but that does not mean you have to invite them to your party. Your BBQ toolkit should include plenty of screen covers for your serving plates and guest dishes.

Lone Star Living TIPS: Use clear shower caps to cover your food, just make sure its new.


3. Leftover Containers
As th host of the BBQ, why not create leftover goodie containers to send your guests home to enjoy later. Keep a supply of suitably sized plastic containers on hand to give your guests. Choosing inexpensive leftover containers is always a smart move – just in case the serving containers never make it back home. You can also purchase disposable tupperware from HEB, see their selections here.Food storage containers



4. Ice and Ice Packs

You will need to keep your BBQ foods fresh throughout the party. Place an ice pack in with your deli salads to keep them from spoiling in the heat. Use ice and ice packs to keep your drinks cold and delicious all day long. You can also use ice packs and coolers to safely transport food to and from the BBQ.


5. A Muck Bucket

A large muck bucket is the perfect choice for serving cold beer, sodas and other drinks to your guests. Just fill the bucket with plenty of ice, add the drinks and let your friends enjoy themselves. You can also use a  bucket as a trash can for bones or napkins.


Once you have everything you need assembled, you can put it all together, fire up the grill and enjoy a real Texas-size party. A backyard BBQ is the perfect way to celebrate a special birthday, anniversary, graduation or any other special occasion. When summer rolls around, you want to make sure you are ready to celebrate in style.

What other items do you always forget when throwing a BBQ?

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