Hey Ya’ll

Have you ever thought to yourself how can I make my home standout quickly for parties, home comings, or just for yourself? Well I did and this week I decided to take on that challenge and I became a do-it-yourselfer.

Becoming a do-it-yourselfer can save you a lot of money and make your Texas home look its best. Texas homeowners are proud of their properties, and they are always looking for ways to make them stand out and look better. There are plenty of great do-it-yourself projects that will save Texas homeowners time and money.

My secret is incorporating fresh flowers in everything I do. You see,  Texas residents love their flowers, and they want to incorporate them into the do-it-yourself projects they embark on. There are plenty of great ways to put a floral touch on all of the home improvement and do-it-yourself projects you do. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started.


1. Attach a hanging planting pot to your mailbox post, add some water with ice and finally a fresh floral bouquet. Make sure to cut the flowers the same hight as the pot and add some rocks inside the pot to hold the flowers steady.I always pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers from HEB ( http://www.heb.com/home/home.jspon ) on my way home and add it to my mailbox  to add a splash of color.


2. You can also use a store bought floral bouquet to create a seasonal floral wreath. Use bright vibrant colors to complement your Texas look, pastel shades for spring and earth tones for fall and winter. This will give your front door a beautiful look and welcome guests to your Texas home.


3.Texans are so proud of this nation and our state why not add a little something to our flagpole. Ring your flagpole with an array of fresh flowers. Your flagpole is a focal point of your home, so give it the respect it deserves by adding a floral element. You can also use this technique for front door columns.


4.Place pots with fresh flowers around your deck or patio. Use an assortment of containers in various sizes to make your deck or patio more beautiful.


5.Use fresh flowers to create a floral centerpiece for your Sunday meal. Sunday mealtime is a big part of family life throughout the state of Texas, and you want to make the table as inviting as possible. Pick up some fresh flowers at the grocery store when you do your weekly shopping, or use fresh blooms from your garden to create a centerpiece worthy of the occasion.


Incorporating fresh store bought flowers into your do-it-yourself projects is a great way to make your Texas home standout from the crowd. No matter what kind of home you live in, do-it-yourself projects can save you a lot of money and improve the look and feel of your Texas home.

Hope you enjoyed my do-it-youselfer ideas.

Share with me your ideas, love to hear from y’all!