Flowers can make you feel good–and that’s not merely a sentimental hunch. According to a recent Harvard study, placing a vase filled with fresh flowers in homes where people were grumpy in the morning had positive effects on mood and even helped the study’s participants feel more energized. While some plants can actually improve the air quality in your home, there are also various types of flowers that can enhance your mood. If you are not a morning person or happen to be going through a rough patch, adding these cut flowers to your home may provide the mood lift you need to smile each day.



When your mood is less than sunny, add bouquets of cut chrysanthemums to vases or even old coffee tins around your home. Choose bright colors like yellow or other citrus colors to add their telltale charm to your setting. In fact, the Japanese have long considered chrysanthemum to be a symbol of the sun, so there sunny disposition is well known internationally. Some say that dreaming of this brightly colored bloom is symbolic of personal growth. If you are going through a difficult time, add some mums to your work space where they can infuse a bit of cheer into each day.



Research has shown that bright flowers tend to give people a big boost in the mood department. Alstroemeria, sometimes called the Lily of the Incas or the Parrot Lily hails from the cool mountainous areas of the Andes in South America. With colors like salmon, orange, purple, and yellow, these blooms will add a happy splash of color to any bouquet. Place them on your kitchen sill or next to your favorite living room chair.


Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are large and showy daisy variations that are synonymous with purity and cheerfulness. Available in a rainbow of vibrant colors, these South African natives rank are now featured the world over and rank in the top five of most popular flowers. With its vibrant appearance and striking colors, these blooms are impossible to ignore. When you’re inviting company to your home and want to exude a cheerful space, be sure to place these flowers where they can be seen by all.



As the official bloom for Mother’s Day, carnations are uniformly lovely in all of their shades. While beautiful to behold, especially when you create large, showy single-color bouquets, carnations have an X-factor when it comes to their mood-boosting abilities. These flowers feature a pleasant, clove-like scent that can suffuse you with a feeling of energy and rejuvenation. If you’ve had a long, miserable day at the office, stop by the floral department of your grocery store to pick up a bouquet of these lovelies, which are sure to brighten your mood even as you drive them home.



Dubbed “helios anthos” (sun flowers) by the ancient Greeks, sunflowers are spectacular blooms that always grow toward the sun. It can be hard to keep a sunny outlook when you are feeling down, but these flowers may remind you to stay positive with their cheerful demeanor. Associated with loyalty and longevity in various world cultures, these flowers will enliven your setting with their large blooms that are sure to tempt you into perking up!


These are just a few cut flowers that can boost your mood and suffuse your home or office with their positive qualities. The next time you visit the floral department of your nearby grocer, think about building a mood-enhancing bouquet for yourself or someone you love.

Which fresh flower is your favorite? Let us know, share below.