Summer is usually jam-packed with activities like vacations, gardening projects, camping trips, and lots of water fun. It’s no wonder it can be so hard to find time to get together with friends and family and just have some good old-fashioned fun in the sun.


With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, now more than ever is a time to engage in social activities with those we care about most, and summertime is THE time to do it! Plus, there are so many fun and creative ways to mingle this season.

Consider these creative summertime get-together ideas:

Bubbles and Blooms

What’s better than a little fun in the sun? A little fun in the sun with some bubbly and flowers thrown into the mix! A bubbly bar is the perfect addition to any summer event or get-together because everything’s better with champagne!


Decorate your bar set-up with flowers and give your guests a mix of juices and berries to choose from for garnish and have a summertime blast!

Host an Ice Cream Social

Who doesn’t want some refreshing ice cream on a hot summer day? We can’t think of anything better. Except maybe turning it into a social event! Socialize with some of your best buds and indulge in one of everyone’s favorite desserts. Best thing about it is that the event can be as involved as you want. You can either host a big ice cream bash with gallons of ice cream, make your own, or rent an ice cream truck, or you can opt for something smaller. Make it fun with all kinds of toppings, favors, and delicious ingredients. No matter how you decide to celebrate, make sure to kick back, relax, and enjoy the event with your guests.

Host an Outdoor Game Tournament

Were you more of a hopscotch or a kickball kid growing up? How about dodgeball and potato sac racing? Why not try them all? Outdoor games aren’t just for kids—adults can enjoy them, too! Set up some of these games, get your giant lawn Jenga ready, and huddle up your friends for the greatest outdoor game tournament of all time. Make it family friendly by including the kids, too.

The Ultimate Pool Party

Have your own pool? Then a pool party would be perfect! No pool? No sweat. If you have access to a community pool, planning