Thanksgiving is a highlight of the year for many Texas residents. Those who live in the Lone Star State are known for their love of family and their dedication to tradition — both important parts of the Thanksgiving holiday. If you are looking for a way to make your turkey day celebration even more special, here are five ways to incorporate fresh flowers into the festivities.


#1.  Hostess Gift

Being invited to Thanksgiving dinner is a big honor, and you will want to show your appreciation to your host or hostess. A bouquet of fresh flowers makes the perfect host or hostess gift, so you do not have to worry about arriving empty handed.


You can bring a bouquet of fresh flowers with you to Thanksgiving dinner for the host or hostess to use as the centerpiece. Lone Star Living TIP: You can even bring your own vase to display the beautiful blooms.


#2. Floral Crafts to Keep the Kids Busy  Four children paint New Year balls for Xmas tree

Thanksgiving might be a fun holiday for the adults, but it is not exactly thrilling for the younger members of the family. It is easy for the kids to get bored, especially after dinner is over and all the deserts have been consumed.


You can set a more interesting table and create a better environment for kids by providing an array of floral crafts. You can buy all the supplies you need from the local craft store and pair it with a bouquet of fresh flowers. In no time at all, the kids can create their own beautiful crafts to take home and share with their families. Craft ideas: 

#3. Perk up the Living Room or Man Cave

The kitchen might be a beehive of activity on Thanksgiving morning, but the source of the action is likely to shift to the living room, den or man cave later in the day. That is when the football games begin, and the guys (and girls) will be heading there to watch the action.


You can spruce up that drab interior with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Whether you fill a bowl with aromatic petals or dress up the big-screen TV with a vase full of colorful blossoms, your home will look and smell great long after the last football has been thrown and the final Thanksgiving Day touchdown has been scored.


#4. Affordable Decoration 

Preparing a full Thanksgiving dinner for a house full of family and friends is not an inexpensive endeavor. By the time you get done buying the turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and all the fixings, your wallet could be several hundred dollars lighter. By the time you get done at the grocery store, you might not have much left over to decorate the home.


A bouquet of fresh flowers costs just a few dollars, but it can make a huge difference in how your home looks and how beautiful it feels. With just a couple of bouquets of fresh flowers, you can decorate your entire home, from the dining room table where everyone will gather for dinner to the living room where everyone will head to watch the football game.


#5. Spring up to the Coldest Time of the Year

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year, but it takes place during the coldest part of the year in many parts of Texas. No matter what part of the Lone Star State you call home, fresh flowers can bring a touch of springtime into your home and some much-needed color into your life.


There are plenty of reasons to make fresh flowers an integral part of your Texas Thanksgiving celebration. No matter where you live or how many guests you are expecting, adding a few bouquets of flowers to the mix will make the day more vibrant and fun.

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