Life gets a little hectic and especially after the holidays, we can slide into a little depression. We want to remind you today that although easier said than done, there really are a few reasons to smile today.  

Here are a few!  

Smiling in Contagious  

Our moods really can set the tone in our homes and environment. When you smile, chances are the people around you are smiling, too! Bring joy to the space with your smile and watch how quickly you will feel the vibes become uplifting and positive. Who knows, you’re smile can change someone’s whole day.  

Smiling Relieves Stress 

Let’s get scientific here! When you smile, your brain releases tiny molecules called neuropeptides to help fight off stress. Then other neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins come into play too. Endorphins act as mild pain relievers, whereas serotonin is an antidepressant. One study even suggests that smiling can help us recover faster from stress and reduce our heart rate. Cool huh!?! 

Smiling Boost the Immune System 

Those same sneaky neurotransmitters that reduce stress levels and spur feelings of happiness are helping your immune system work optimally in fighting antigens and infections! This helps increase the number of antibodies and natural killer cells, which boosts your immune system. This increases your natural defense against infection, making you more resistant to numerous kinds of illnesses. Whether authentic or fake, knowing that a smile spurs happiness and boosts your immune system makes it more crucial to crack a smile more often, even during the not-so-smooth days. 

Smiling Changes your Mood 

For a quick pick me up, bust out a smile! There’s been some evidence that forcing a smile can still bring you a boost in your mood and happiness level.  

Adds to Your Existing Beauty! 

We all know someone with a mean case of RBF…if you don’t know someone, it might be you.  There are plenty of studies that back this up…but based on common sense, girl, when you smile, you complete the whole look! You go, girl!  

 SMILE & Remember…YOU GOT THIS!