We’re living through some very strange times. Between a pandemic coming out of left field and recent protests, our world has certainly taken a turn for the weirder. At first, entering the lockdown didn’t seem too bad. After all, it gave us a little extra time to invest in home projects or new hobbies we had been wanting to pick up that will make you happy. But as the pandemic has grown worse and many public facilities remain closed, finding ways to take care of ourselves has been hard!

However, that doesn’t mean we should give up on looking after ourselves. Self-love may look a little different this year than it normally does, but it’s still important for us to take good care of both our minds and our bodies. The world may be at a standstill, but our well-being is not.

If you’re not totally sure how you’re going to deal with this new unfamiliar “normal,” – look no further! We’ve put together a basic guide on how to fall in love with yourself during quarantine and come out on the other side more confident and happier than ever.


Taking a solo road trip is a ton of fun! It’s not only adventurous but saves you from having to sit in a crowded plane during a pandemic. Solo road trips mean having time on your own to reflect and getting to do exactly what you want without having to negotiate with a travel pal. Plus, you get to take a trip at your own pace, meaning you won’t feel rushed.

A solo road trip will pull you out of your comfort zone, and your house—which is something we all need at the moment. This time alone will allow you the chance to see the world and understand yourself a bit better. Investing in yourself is one of the biggest and best ways to begin falling in love with yourself and is sure to make you happy.

Silent Getaway

Maybe you’ve been stuck at home with the kids for months. Maybe you just need a little peace and quiet. A silent getaway may be your answer. Getaways can include free time to meditate and exercise in order to organize the disarray in your mind.

Silent getaways mean that there isn’t any pressure to go out and do things or make friends. Instead, it’s a quiet opportunity to love on yourself and calm your thoughts.

Can’t break free at the moment? Create your own getaway! By going camping somewhere without internet service or turning off all devices for a silent staycation, you can sort out your mind and love yourself without distraction. Taking care of your mental health is one of the truest forms of self-love.


What better way to discover how to fall in love with yourself than by starting with a calm mind? Meditation isn’t just about easing the mind but can help you to see things from a new set of eyes, handle stress, and change your mood to a positive state of mind. Meditation involves mindfulness and can improve so many conditions that may seem unrelated, like high blood pressure and chronic pain.

If meditation isn’t really your “thing,” don’t completely rule it out! There are many alternative forms of meditation that can help you dig deep within yourself and find strength during these uncertain times. This will lead to a happier you, and a happier you is easier to fall in love with.

Decorate With Flowers

A study by Rutgers University actually shows that there is a link between your satisfaction with life and flowers. Flowers make us happy, and having them in your home increases happiness, reduces depression, and can help build positive relationships. Ever heard flowers referred to as Vitamin F?

That’s because they positively affect our bodies and souls. Creating a home that makes you happy will create a haven where you can pamper and love on yourself. Decorating the home with flowers is also a way to decorate your soul, and one of the most underrated forms of self-love.

Pick Up A New Hobby

While you may be limited and confined to your home, we’ve still got the internet! Maybe you’ve wanted to pick up flower arranging, or something a little bit more extreme like boxing. If your Covid-19 is raining on your parade, you can look up lessons online! For almost every hobby out there, there is someone to teach you on YouTube!

Hobbies are good for you. They’re a great way to relieve stress, and they provide a creative outlet that you might not get every day. They allow you to engage in something that is solely for you and help you detach from your everyday stressors and responsibilities.

This is such an important part of mental health, personal development, and self-love. Hobbies improve your quality of life and can help you emerge from this pandemic with new skills and new ways of enjoying life. If this doesn’t scream SELF-LOVE, we don’t know what does!


We have to do the best we can, given the situation that we’re in. While there’s not much we can do besides practicing good hygiene and social distancing ourselves, we can focus on our own desires and loving ourselves a little more to get through this on an individual level.

“The quality of the relationships determines the quality of your life.” This includes the relationship that you build with yourself, so make sure to build one based on self-love. Learning to fall in love with yourself is a huge part of leading a successful and happy life.