You do not have to be a native to know that it gets hot in Texas. Whether you are a recent transplant or a lifelong resident of the Lone Star State, when the dog days of summer roll around you will want to cool off.

The best way to cool off in Texas is the natural way. Just load up the car, pack a picnic lunch and head to one of the many watering holes that dot the state. Texas may be a naturally dry place, but that does not mean there is no water available. If you know where you look, you can find an abundance of rivers, lakes and streams, as well as plenty of manmade bodies of water. Here are some of our favorite Texas water holes for summer fun.


Hamilton Pool is a natural pool surrounded by trees – the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy the beauty of the Lone Star State. Bring your bathing suit, pack a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine and enjoy the day.

Hamilton Pool is also a favorite water hole for families with young children. The waters are gentle and accommodating to all levels of swimmer, and Hamilton Pool is the perfect place to introduce the kids to the beauty of nature.

Hamilton Pool, Texas



Barton Springs has long been a favorite water hole for families, and when you visit you will understand why. Barton Springs has plenty of cool water to enjoy, all in a park-like setting with plenty of things for the kids to enjoy.

The whole family can relax, enjoy a picnic lunch and enjoy the beauty of nature. There are bridges to cross, scenic vistas to marvel at and plenty of photo opportunities at every turn. Be sure to enjoy the abundant wildflowers that dot the area, or bring your own fresh bouquet to accent your picnic lunch. (Image: Source)




If you love to go hiking and enjoy the outdoors, Krause Springs is the place for you. This beautiful spot has long been a hidden gem, but more and more Texas residents have been discovering its charms.

You can take a day hike, explore the wilderness, check out the water or just relax and have a good time. The area is also rich in wildflowers, so bring your camera and enjoy the scenery. (Image: source)

Krause Springs



Texas has a rich network of rivers, and the Frio River is a favorite for families looking for a way to cool off during the hot summer days. When you visit, you will see tubers enjoying gentle ripples, fishermen trying their luck and plenty of kids exploring the riverbank. (Image: Source)




McKinney Falls has long been a favorite with Texas residents, and Lone Star State residents often take their visiting family members and friends here for a day of fun.

The falls themselves are spectacular, and well worth the hike. Once there, you can cool off, relax and enjoy a wonderful picnic lunch. Plan to spend the day – you will find plenty to see and do at Mckinney Falls. (Image: source)



No matter which Texas water holes you choose, you can make your day more special by incorporating fresh flowers into the adventure. Your picnic will be much more festive with a vase of fresh flowers, and you can make your picnic blanket more inviting by adding a few fragrant blossoms.

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