You know we’re H-E-B obsessed so of course; we’re going to keep our Cozy Girl Fall going strong with some budget-friendly finds at  

Now, we know you’re too busy to worry about looking through the entire site for these “Ohhh SO cozy” items. That’s why we decided to show you our top 5 picks to awaken all 5 of your senses without breaking the bank.  

Here are some of our favorite finds available on H-E-B Curbside *May vary by location

Sight. How could we not start with your favorite Fall flowers? The beautiful thing about Lone Star Living is that its monthly changing recipe is designed perfectly to capture the essence of the season. and it is pre-arranged for our busy life. All you gotta do is chop and drop it into your favorite fall vase. Swoon!   

Hearing. Nothing beats the sound of some popping corn as you’re getting ready to cozy up to your favorite fall films or binge shows.  

Smell.H-E-B Flavor Favorites” Cinnamon Apple Pie is giving big Fall energy over here. Check out all of their fun scents.  

Taste. Have you ever tried the teas from HEB’s My Cup of… brand? These are perfect for a cozy fall night.  


Touch. Keep the Fall love flowing throughout the house. We found this delicious dish/hand soap with a seasonal scent that will set the mood and make your hands feel soft, too.  


We hope these all make SENSE and that continue to remember…YOU GOT THIS!