Have you ever heard that flowers can hear? Maybe you’ve heard the old myth that if you talk to your plants, they will grow. Believe it or not, it’s not as dippy as it sounds! Plants use their cells as eyes, ears, mouths, and noses. While they may not actually have ears, they can still “hear” surprisingly well! Plants are so in tune with their senses, that when bees buzz by, they can communicate by producing nectar as a response.  

All of this actually proves that flowers are more perceptive than once thought and can even pick up on energies from everything around them. By communicating with the environment and responding with acoustic vibrations, flowers increase everyone’s chance of survival.  When a flower feels touch, it can pick up on that energy and store the information in its consciousness. This is why psychometry, or the art of reading flowers, focuses so much on our petal-pals.

Since flowers are really this sensitive, what’s to say that they can’t pick up on energies? Energy transmission between animals, people, and plants is a real thing! Flowers can improve the flow of positive energy, absorb negative energy, and enhance energy levels. They also purify air, increase the sense of well-being and reduce stress. The Peace Lilly, for example, gives homes a sense of spirituality. It can improve the flow of positive energy by filtering the air and defusing harmful indoor gases.  

We know little about how exactly flowers sense and react. However, we do know that they have a way of sending electrical signals. They can even produce neurotransmitters to send signals, just like the human brain does.  

A famous 1970’s book, The Secret Life of Plants, described that plants have both intuition and emotions. Tompkins and Bird conducted experiments like playing music, talking to the plants, and creating vibrations to prove their theory. We have yet to scientifically verify that that plants have feelings. However, we do know that they can pick up on energies and sense. It’s a phenomenon that’s both perplexing and amazing!  

Do you tell your plants secrets or play music for them? If not, you might want to reconsider! Let us know how you think your flowers are picking up on your energies! Comment below and tag us #MyLoneStarLiving