Seriously, who says you need a boyfriend to have a blast on Valentine’s Day? All you need is me, myself, and I!

Whether you’re bummed about celebrating the holiday of love on your own this year, or super stoked about singledom on V-Day, you deserve to treat yo’self to something special!

Even if you don’t have a “conventional” date this year, you can still celebrate love! After all, if there’s one person that will truly love you and never let you down, it’s you! So why not learn how to date yourself and enjoy your own company?

Take It to The Next Level

Spending quality time with yourself, and practicing things that make you feel good, is an amazing mental and emotional health practice. We want you to take it to the next level this year, so we’ve rounded up a list of five “date yourself” ideas.

So, here’s an agenda for loving and treating yourself exactly the way you deserve this February 14.

Digital Detox

Stow away your phone and computer. It’s important to take some time away from social media. Spending too much time scrolling through social media can increase stress levels, anxiety, and depression (especially on the most romantic day of the year). We are constantly comparing ourselves though social media, developing FOMO (fear of missing out) because our lives just don’t seem as happy or as romantic as everyone else’s.

Just remember that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Social media is a tiny sliver of reality. Take the plunge and take a social media detox. It’s time to prioritize a little “me time” and indulge in other activities you enjoy. Socialize with others, engage in your favorite hobbies, and be productive. You’ll thank yourself.

Plan A Weekend Escape

Who knew celebrating singledom on V-DAY could be so much fun? Avoid your exes AND treat yourself to a much-needed vacation by planning a weekend getaway. We know, we know: COVID is still a thing. “Road trip it” or spend the day planning a weekend escape to get away as soon as the pandemic dies down. Solo travel is a super fun way to get to know yourself better while embarking on new adventures!

It’s an incredibly enriching experience that builds confidence and allows you to trust yourself, find yourself, and most importantly—love yourself.

Fun in the Tub

Who doesn’t love bubble baths? Throw your favorite bath bomb in the tub and allow yourself to soak the stress away with a glass of champagne. Baths stimulate lots of physical benefits like balancing your hormones, relaxing your muscles, joints, and bones, and even improving heart health.

Submerging in water can also help calm our nervous system and improve our mood. Plus, adding bubbles isn’t only a great way to get clean, but it also adds a little fun to the routine. Want to make it even more luxurious? Add a beautiful bouquet to the bathroom for something delightful to look at. What more do you need this Valentine’s Day!?

Get Yourself a Bunch of Flowers

We already know that flowers make everyone happy. Best part about them? You can swing by H-E-B and get them for yo’self! That’s right, you don’t need to wait on prince charming to buy them for you! Picking out your own bouquet of fresh flowers is just the thing to cheer you up on Valentine’s Day. Don’t let your idea of love get wrapped up in the need for appreciation and recognition from others. If you want something, and you can get it for yourself, then get it for yourself! Celebrating singledom means it’s all about you!

Treating yourself to a fresh bouquet is a beautiful reminder of your success and independence, and an important way to show yourself a little love. Truth is, you should be treating yourself to flowers all throughout the year. But if you think your vase might be looking a little empty on the 14th, you may want to visit H-E-B.

Self-Love Meditation

This Valentine’s Day open your heart and let love in—whether that means your own or someone else’s. Valentine’s Day can bring up a lot of emotions, especially when we’re single (and not too happy about it). This year strive to meditate often. Meditation exercises can help you connect with yourself and feel a stronger sense of love for yourself. It also works as a natural mood-booster and a way to regulate your emotions. Not to mention, who couldn’t use a little bit of relaxation? That’s what we call celebrating singledom!

All You Need is Self-Love

Who needs cards and fancy chocolates from others when you have self-love? Therefore, use this Valentine’s Day to celebrate the most real kind of love that exists—self-love. Do something a little different and fall completely and totally in love with yourself. Spare no expenses. You are so worth it.

Still not quite sure how to pamper yourself? Learn your self-love language here.

We wish you love, love, and more love! Happy Valentine’s Day!