Receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers creates a lasting memory and a smile on anyones face. However, the conventional way of giving flowers isn’t so lasting for the giver. They usually just present the bouquet with a greeting card and that is it. The receiver lights up with a smile, says “Thank You” and puts them in a vase to enjoy. If you want to create lasting experience for both of you, consider setting up a floral scavenger hunt with these 7 steps:

Valentine’s Day Flower Scavenger Hunt Step-by-step guide:

 Valentine's Day Flower Bouquet by Lone Star LivingSTEP 1: Purchase a bouquet of fresh flowers at your local supermarket. Yes the supermarket, you would be surprise the variety of quality fresh flowers available. Just make sure to pick up a mixed bouquet, it works the best.
STEP 2: Pick up a pack of note cards or post-its to add to each flower. You can make them as fancy as you want or not, it is all up to you.
STEP 3: Separate the flowers from the bouquet and select around 5-8 stems. You don’t want to make the game last for days.
STEP 4: Select the locations you want to hide each flower in.
STEP 5: Write out cryptic clues in each post-it or card and attach one fresh flower to each message. Google is your friend, search scavenger or treasure hunt clues to get inspired.


STEP 6: Hide the flowers around the house for the fun scavenger hunt.

STEP 7: Tell your significant other to “start hunting”.


By the end of the hunt they will have collected their entire bouquet and a lasting memory that they will never forget.
Your sweetie will have endless fun trying to figure out the clues, giving the you a lasting memory as well. You can even start a new tradition with an annual Valentine’s Day or Christmas scavenger hunt.


Valentine's Day Flower Scavenger Hunt