So! You’ve enjoyed arranging flowers but this year you want to level up your already awesome skills? We got you with a NO PRESSURE, LOW Maintenance, Budget Friendly Hobby for 2023!  

Think light and bright​:  

Adding more natural light and brightening up these areas of the home can enhance happiness, which is great as these tend to be your gathering areas. Bringing natural light into a dark room can transform this space into one that feels cozy, light, airy, and filled with elegance. 

Add Twinkle Lights 

The lighting significantly affects the ambiance in our home. It can instantly transform a dimmed sanctuary into a living room or a romantic cozy space. Certain lights don’t only serve as an illuminating factor in the room; they can be primarily used as decor elements, but string lights definitely can always do the job! 

Keep Cozy Textiles Out​ 

When your home feels cold and sterile the quickest way to bring in that warm and cozy feeling is to add layers of fabric to your space.  Blankets, rugs, pillows, and curtains all help create that feeling of warmth and security that everyone loves to feel inside their home.  Try Mixing textures like jute, grain sack, cotton, wool, metals, wicker, & more to make any room feel cozier! 

Add branches and wood accents​ 

Natural wood is a go-to when trying to make a large, open living area feel warm and inviting. The use of natural wood in a living space not only acts as a decorative or functional feature, but it can provide balance by adding texture and warmth. Adding this organic element reminds you of nature and brings a cozy, unfussy look and feel to a space.  

Add a pop of color with flowers​ 

Add warm tones to the room. This can be done with paint colors, accessories, & more. Our favorite way to add warm tones to a space? With flowers!  We love adding flowers to a warm wood-toned or neutral vase on end tables, coffee tables, & more. When it comes to adding that cozy element, flowers are a must. 

We hope this helped you cozy up to 2023!  

Remember…YOU GOT THIS!