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My favorite holiday is almost here, Thanksgiving! I love cooking and decorating my home with fresh flowers for that added elegance. However, Thanksgiving can get a little stressful when the youngest members of the family are often bored and left without anything fun to do after dessert. If you do not want to repeat the boredom your kids experienced last Thanksgiving, why not spice things up with a floral crafts table? Just clear away the dishes, bring out some fresh cut flowers and some craft supplies and let the kids make their own crafts.

Here are some ideas to make the “Best Kids”  table for Thanksgiving:


Table Arrangements

Fresh cut flowers are the perfect decoration for any Thanksgiving Day table, and there is no reason not to let the kids in on all the fun. Just bring home a few seasonal flower bouquets and let your kids pick their favorite blossoms. They can incorporate those fresh cut flowers into an array of floral decorations for all parts of the home. Nothing says Lone Star living like a fresh cornucopia complete with fresh blossoms. That horn of plenty is a classic symbol of Thanksgiving, and it can be a welcome part of your holiday table.

Your kids do not have to have any prior experience to make your Thanksgiving Day table look its best. In fact, some of the most beautiful decorations are the result of simple floral designs. Simplicity and classic beauty are hallmarks of the Thanksgiving holiday, and that should be reflected in the flowers you choose to adorn your table.


Mini Bouquets

With a few simple supplies and a seasonal flower bouquet or two, you can set up a make-and-take craft station for all the kids at your Thanksgiving table to enjoy. They can use the bouquet of flowers you provide to make their own mini-bouquets for family members and friends back home.


Floral Head bands 

They can create floral headbands to wear, or garlands of fresh flowers to adorn their necks. No matter what type of floral crafts they choose to make, the kids are sure to enjoy a memorable Thanksgiving Day at your home.


Life in Texas is all about family, and what better way to celebrate such a special day than by giving the kids their own special craft table? Kids love making things, especially when they can give their creations to those they love. Setting up a craft table adorned with fresh cut flowers is the perfect way to let the younger members of your dinner party express their creativity and thanks for a great Thanksgiving meal.


All you need to do is give the kids a few fresh flowers and let their imaginations do the rest. Children of all ages love to create, and arts and crafts provides a perfect opportunity to harness that creativity and send it in a useful direction. No matter what part of the Lone Star State you call home, you cannot go wrong with the beauty of flowers.


Texas living is all about making everyone feel welcome, and that includes the youngest members of the family. If you have a bunch of kids coming to your home for the Thanksgiving holiday, setting up a floral crafts table is a great way to keep them entertained and engaged long after the turkey and stuffing have been put away.

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