Dear Stress,

I know it may seem a little scary to have to part ways after a lifetime of sticking by each other, but it’s over. Starting now. I get that this might be difficult for you to hear, but it’s a necessary step that I need to take in my life in order to be happy. At times, this relationship has felt totally necessary and like we couldn’t live without each other, however, I’ve realized that deep down inside you truly do not care about me.

Did You Think I Was Weak?

Sometimes your visits are short-lived, like right before a test or right before a long flight. During those times, you aren’t so bad, my dear Stress. I know it’s sometimes important for you to be there. Yet sometimes you’re just too overbearing and consume my entire day. Lately, it seems like those days seem to be happening way too often. Enough is enough. We spend too much time together, and I need some space.

This has become a toxic relationship and it’s starting to feel like you control so many aspects of my life. Sometimes, you’re so controlling, I can’t leave the house. Sometimes I can’t sleep. I’m really just starting to feel trapped. You’re even affecting my relationships with family and friends.

We Just Weren’t Meant to Be

Not only am I done letting you freeload off of my happiness, but I want you to know that I deserve better. I deserve to wake up to a little bit of peace and a whole lot of flowers, not a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I know breakups can be tough, but this one isn’t. I’m not afraid of what you think.

I know that if we continue our lives together, it will be hard for me to succeed and grow as a person. My dear Stress, I want you to know that if you call me, I won’t answer the phone. If you visit me, I won’t open the door. I’ll sleep quietly, knowing my life is so much better without you in it. You’ve always held me back and caused unnecessary worrying.

I don’t regret our time together because it taught me to be strong, after all. I appreciate our past and what I was able to learn from you. But for now, I’ll take some time to breathe.

Now hit the road!