It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. So that means it’s time to decorate! There’s nothing like fresh flowers to spruce up the season. Therefore, forget about the poinsettias this year. Instead, get into the holiday spirit with some creative yuletide decorating. Besides, the holidays just wouldn’t be complete without something that shines bright enough for all to see.

Make Christmas More Magical

Deck the halls with festive flowers, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la. It’s just as fun as opening your presents! Decorating is nostalgic and exciting. Twinkling lights and festive flowers are the perfect way to beat the winter blues. For a more traditional look, place a bouquet on your entrance hall table. Talk about a warm welcome! For something new, place rich holiday flowers in unexpected places. This will make the mood more joyful. Nestle some stems in your Christmas tree or try your hand at some holiday D.I.Y’s.

We’re ready for the holiday season with December’s bouquet! How about you?


Snow white hydrangeas are perfect for the holidays! Hydrangeas are easy to love. That’s because they have huge flower heads that attract attention wherever they are used. In holiday bouquets, they look just like snowballs. That’s what makes them especially great flowers for holiday bouquets. These flowers are definitely wonderful companion plants at Christmas, along with your holiday greens.


Better known as “mums,” these flowers are seen often around the holidays. Legend has it that one cold, snowy Christmas Eve in Germany’s Black Forest, a poor family was having dinner and heard crying outside. Hence, they opened the door and found a beggar. Immediately, they brought him in and gave him food and clothes.

Then the beggar shed his clothes. He revealed white clothing and a halo around his head. Suddenly, he proclaimed himself the Christ Child and absconded. As a result, there were two white mums the next morning where the beggar once stood. Thus, many Germans now decorate their homes with white chrysanthemums on Christmas Eve.


These orchid-like flowers are known as the “Peruvian Lily” or “Lily of the Incas.” Because they are such strong flowers, they can last in a vase for more than two weeks. Red and white alstroemeria spread seasonal cheer and are used in holiday bouquets often.