Help your child make an impression on the first day of school with the power of flowers. Here is an easy DIY back to school teacher gift idea that is inexpensive and memorable. All we did was take a Lone Star Living Bouquet and broke it up to make two bouquets, one for the teacher and the other for the teacher’s assistant. Then we added some wrapping paper to add a personal touch and a little Lone Star Living style.

Step-by-step: DIY back to school gift idea:


MATERIALSPic - LSL Back to School 1 website - 081115-2

Lone Star Living Bouquet



Rubber bands


Wrapping paper






STEP 1: Remove the Lone Star Living sleeve from flowers.

Cut alone the side seams of the Lone Star Living sleeve. After cutting the seams you should have two templates that you can use to create the warps for the bouquets.

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STEP 2: Create the wraps for the two bouquets.

Place the template on top of the wrapping paper and add a little piece of tape to make it stay still. Trace around the sleeve template with the maker. Once you trace the template, cut along the line to create the wraps for the DIY back to school flower gift.


Pic - LSL Back to School 9 website - 081115-2


STEP 3: Separate the flowers into two piles.

Try to keep both piles as equal as possible by making sure each one has the same stem count.

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Lone Star Living TIP: Can’t decide who to give the spray roses to, easy give them to your child’s main teacher, since they are the ones you will probably have the most communication with.


STEP 4:  Assemble the bouquets

Start with the spray roses and crisscross it with the stem of the chrysanthemum. Continue crisscrossing all the stems one at a time. Once you’re done placing all the stems together grab the eucalyptus foliage and place it behind the flowers.

Pic - LSL Back to School 8 website - 081115


Lone Star Living TIP: try and keep the green foliage taller then the flowers to add a little height to your bouquets.

Wrap the stems with the rubber band to keep the flowers still.


Step 5: Wrap up the DIY back 2 school flower gift bouquets.

Place your bouquet on top of the wrapping paper. Make sure to place your flower bouquet upside down, so that way the front of the bouquet isn’t facing the open side.Pic - LSL Back to School 10 website - 081115-2

Bring one side of the sleeve over and then bring the second side over. Makes sure the tips of the wrap line up. Place a piece of tape and flip the bouquet around.

Pic - LSL Back to School 11 website - 081115


Step 6: Add the finishing touch.

Once the bouquet is wrapped up, tie the ribbon around the stems and make a bow or not. It’s all up to you and your imagination.

Pic - LSL Back to School 12 website - 081115


WHALA! You’re back to school teacher’s gift is ready.


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