Flowers have the capability of adding glamour and style to everyday life and items with not much cost. In this DIY project, we decided to take simple party hats and give them a little “Pizzazz” with the bright bold colors of the Lone Star Living bouquet. This is how we did it:



Lone Star Living flowers

Party Hats




Step 1: Punch a hole with your scissors. Be very careful not to cut your fingers. 

Pic - LSL Party Hats 1 website - 071715


STEP 2: Pick the flowers that match your party hats or just pick your favorite ones. Lone Star Living summer bouquet has an array of colors making it easy for you pick the right color for your hat.  Make sure not to pick more than 3 flowers, so the stems fit in the hole you made. 

Pic - LSL Party Hats 2 website - 071715

STEP 3: After selecting the flowers for your party hat, you have to measure the stem length. Just place the stems against the party hat and decide how tall you want the flowers. Then cut the stems where the rim of the hat is. 

Pic - LSL Party Hats 3 website - 071715

STEP 4: In order to keep your flowers steady on your party hat, tape the stems together. TIP: Place the focal flowers in the front and place the other flowers or foliage in the back. 

Pic - LSL Party Hats 4 website - 071715

STEP 5: Place your flowers into the hole you punched on your party hat. Make sure the stems are not longer than the party hat. Pic - LSL Party Hats 5 website - 071715


STEP 6: Tape the stems agains the side of the party hat. Before you tape them make sure to move your flowers around until you like how they look on your party hat. 

Pic - LSL Party Hats 6 website - 071715


WHALA! You just added a little pizzazz to your party hats. Its amazing by just adding some fresh flowers this hat went from an average party hat to a unique gift for your guests. You can create these party hats for a girl birthday party, bachlorettte, baby shower, or any occasion you want to create a sensation.

What do you think about our party hat makeover? 

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