Texans are known for their love of family and their dedication to tradition — both important parts of the Thanksgiving holiday.  The third most important part is the “TABLE” where  tradition and the love of family gather during Thanksgiving.

Show your love by decorating your table Texas style big, bright and beautiful. Here is a quick and easy “how to” napkin fold to decorate each plate setting on your table, which goes perfect with fresh flowers. 

How to make a leaf shaped napkin fold to pair with your flowers: 


  • Cloth napkins
  • Napkin rings 
  • Your pretty hands

STEP 1: Open up the cloth napkins (back side up).

napkin fold for Thanksgiving table


STEP 2: Take one corner and place it on top of the corner across from it. It should look like a triangle.

Table design idea for Thanksgiving


STEP 3: Fold the bottom of the triangle napkin fold, like the image below. Make the fold 1 to 2 inches thick. 

Napkin fold for Thanksgiving table


STEP 4: Pinch the fold between your fingers and flip the triangle with the tippy top facing you. Then fold it again in the same thickness as in step 3.



STEP 5: Flip the triangle again and fold it. Keep doing step 4 until  you reach the tippy top of the triangle. It should look like the image below. 

Thanksgiving table napkin fold how to


STEP 6: Place the folded napkin on its side and fold it in half. Make sure to pull the tippy top and the fold to make sure it is straight .

How to fold napkin for Thanksgiving table


STEP 7: Grab your napkin ring and place the fold inside.



Whala! you made a leaf from a cloth napkin. 

How to fold a napkin for thanksgiving table

Do you have any napkin fold ideas for Thanksgiving?


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