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When you think of a mason jar in Texas you might think ice cold sweet tea. Now the mason jar has evolved from a food preserver to a cup to an iPhone speaker, it has taken a life of its own especially in the home decor world. One of the home decor styles that has really welcomed this new stylish member is the the western style. What is more western than Texas, so here is a great DIY project using the Lone Star Living Bouquet, the Blooms flowers from HEB, and of course our guest of honor the mason jar.

DIY LSL Mason Jar Mania_Pinterest - 041015How to freshen up your Mason Jars with Fresh Flowers 


Gather Materials  

-2 Supermarket Bouquets

-Mason Jar

-Empty water bottle 




STEP 2: 

Twist the water bottle into the mason jar, you are going to want a tight fit. Use your sharpie to mark where to cut water bottle. Make sure it does not pas the lip of the mason jar.


Poke a whole with your knife on the sharpie mark. Make sure the whole is large enough for the tip of your scissors.


Cut along the sharpie make with a pair of scissors. Cutting with scissors are much easier than to cut with a knife.


Grab one of the bouquets and cut the flower heads you want to place inside the mason jar.


Press one of the sides of the water bottle to make space for the flower head.


Press the flower against the side of the mason jar and gently push down.

Step 8:

Using a thin stick push the flowers to the bottom of the mason jar. Repeat Steps 6-8 until the mason jar is full of flowers.

The flowers inside the mason jar do not need water because the they are able to breathe creating condensation allowing for the flowers to last several days. Guaranteed nobody else’s mason jars are going to look as freshened up and beautiful as yours.

Share your designs with #LoneStarLiving because nothing is more Texan than mason jars.