Have you ever seen those beautiful floral arrangements in home magazines that add a pop of color? Or flower decorations at a party that ties in the color to the look? Flowers create that connection between color and style.  Well we decided to take that challenge and created one look using fresh flowers and multiple mason jars that where different sizes and colors.

How to create one look using the beauty of fresh flowers:

MATERIALSDIY idea using fresh flowers and multiple mason jar designs to create one look. Great idea for parties or for a gift.

1. Fresh Flowers

2. Mason Jars or any small vases

3. Washi Tape or paint

4. Scissors


Step 1:  Wipe down your mason jars or vases.

Step 2: 
Match your Washi tape to the colors in your fresh flower bouquet.


Step 3: Select what side of the Mason jar will be the back. Paste the tip of the Washi tape onto the mason jar and roll the jar while holding the tape down that way it lands in a  straight line.


Step 4: Keep rolling the Mason jar until it meets up with the tip in the back. Make sure to cut it in a straight line, so no creases show.


Step 5: Select a second Washi tape and start it in the back, just like the first tape. You can leave a space or no space like in the image it is all up to you.


Step 6: (optional) If you have the lid to the mason jar, wrap the Washi tape around the lid as well.


Step 7: Continue steps 1-5 with the other mason jars or vases using the same Washi tape colors.


Step 8: Enjoy your work of art or give it to someone special. There is nothing more special than knowing someone took the time to personalize a gift just for you.


For this design-it-yourself idea we used Washi tape, but you can use paint or ribbons it’s all up to you. Just remember the secret is to match the colors of your design to the colors of the fresh flowers to make the look come together and complete.

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