Trim your trees and stuff your stockings with fresh flowers. WHAT! Yes fresh flowers, y’all. Dress up your home for the holidays with a Christmas stocking stuffer flower arrangement to make a fresh statement.

DIY: Christmas Stocking Stuffer fresh flower arrangement below:


  • Lone Star Living Christmas Bouquet
  • Christmas stocking
  • Vase
  • Paper (recycle any old gift wrapping paper, newspaper or any paper your not using, let’s all do our part y’all)

Stuffer fresh flower arrangement


STEP 1: 

Place the vase on top of the stocking to make sure its tall and wide enough. Make sure the vase at least reaches the bottom of the furry part of the stocking, just like in the picture.

 Stuffer fresh flower arrangement


STEP 2: 

Crumble up the paper and stuff it into the tip of the stocking stuffer. This will make it stand up and look full.

Pic - LSL Christmas DIY 4 website - 121615


STEP 3: 

Place vase inside stocking. Use some of the paper to stuff around the vase to make the stocking look fuller.  Also make sure to add fresh clean water into vase.

Pic - LSL Christmas DIY 5 website - 121615


Step 4: 

Cut the flowers to the height of the stocking not the vase this is very IMPORTANT!  Whala, super easy Christmas Stocking Stuffer to make a fresh statement.

 Stuffer fresh flower arrangement

What are some of your Christmas Stocking Stuffer ideas? 

Let us know, share below