T-minus 10 Days

The Thanksgiving Day countdown has officially begun. With COVID restrictions in place, you may be wondering how on earth you’re going to embrace the changes this year. It may be time to break your usual traditions. Get creative and focus on the “why.” The holidays are about disconnecting from our lives. Try to slow down your pace. Then reflect on what you have rather than what you’re lacking. There are thoughtful ways to show your family, friends, and community that although you’re far apart, you’re still close at heart.

Therefore, here are some social distancing hacks to celebrate Thanksgiving this year without being served a side of COVID.

Send a Taste of Home

Are you usually the host for Thanksgiving celebrations? If your house is the center for holiday get-togethers, things might feel a little weird this year. However, try to embrace the changes instead of worrying. Maybe your sweet potato casserole steals the show every year. Who would want to miss out!?

One thing you can do is to start preparing your Thanksgiving meal a couple of days early. Then tightly package the food. Once that’s done, ship servings to family and friends around the country. Similarly, make Thanksgiving meal bags for those nearby. Then place them on your doorstep for contactless pickup on Thanksgiving Day. For an added touch, include a flower note with a thoughtful message. This will help make all of the changes this season a little easier to deal with.

Do the Zoom Thing 

Between work, school, and doctor’s appointments, this is nothing new. Most of us are already used to doing things virtually. If you really want to embrace the changes, make the experience a little more life-like. Do this by broadcasting the video chat on a smart TV. You can even kick it up a notch!

As a matter of fact, everyone can enjoy the same Thanksgiving meal. Just borrow from the first tip above. Ask everyone taking part in your virtual Thanksgiving to volunteer by preparing a couple of dishes. Then everyone can pack the meals for each family, and have everything shipped to one another.

Additionally, learn how to make a Thanksgiving tablescape using flowers. This way, each virtual “guest” has a matching theme. This is sure to create more of a feeling of “togetherness.”

Drive by Tree Decorating 

This year, people have certainly gotten creative with all kinds of drive by parties. For instance, trunk-or-treating and drive by baby showers have become the “in” way to celebrate. It’s a safe way to “get together” while following social distancing requirements. Try out this new fun and safe celebration for the holidays.

If your family usually decorates a Christmas tree together after Thanksgiving dinner, don’t let this year be any different. Although it may not be tradition, all of the changes this year might be a good thing! Tip: Place a small tree and a basket of holiday ornaments outside. Local family members and friends can drive by and hang decorations on the tree. Overall, this is a great opportunity to still see family for the holidays from a safe distance. Use this as a chance to create fun memories that will last a lifetime.

Show Gratitude by Volunteering

Most family traditions revolve around food for the holidays. If this year’s circumstances are keeping you from being able to celebrate with your loved ones, don’t worry. Despite the changes, there are things you can do instead of sitting at your table sulking. Remember that Thanksgiving is a day meant for expressing gratitude and giving thanks.

Switch up your traditions and treat Thanksgiving as a day of service by uniting with your community. However, if there aren’t any local volunteer events taking place for the holidays, take it into your own hands. Check in on elderly neighbors to see if they need help with errands. You can even surprise them with flowers as a way to make the holidays special for them.

Don’t Stress the “Fall” Things 

It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday whirlwind of preparing a perfect Thanksgiving celebration. But this year, take time to reflect on what the holiday truly means. Even though COVID has mixed up plans, there are so many ways to give back this season. Make the best of current circumstances.

It’s important to take time to reflect and feel grateful for what you have. Raise your glass and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday in your own way.