Hey ladies, this quarantine thing is getting old, huh? We totally get it but, REAL TALK—we Texas girls are strong and know how to find happiness and “make the best” of even the hottest day!

As we begin to enter a new season yet still find ourselves in isolation, Americans everywhere are feeling pretty down in the dumps. In fact, the COVID Response Tracking Study shows that this is the unhappiest our country has been in nearly five decades. For many, not too much has changed in their day-to-day. But for others, they are experiencing new bouts of anxiety and finding that it is hard to feel happy.

The good news is that we can totally use the lemons we’ve been given to make lemonade All it takes is learning how to reframe the situation we’re in. By trying to control stressful situations that are often out of our control, we create anxiety and worry.

It’s important to find ways to boost your happiness and apply them to your life. Taking the following proactive steps can help lift your mood.

Build A Routine

People who have variety throughout their day feel happier. Building a routine helps us to focus on other tasks. At a time when our world seems to be spiraling out of control, creating a schedule is a great way to regain some type of structure and find happiness.

For example, it may be helpful to start your day with a morning shower or have lunch at a certain time every day, just as you would at the office. Schedules are good for mental health. However, it’s important to not take on too much at once. Begin with going to sleep and waking up at the same time each day and make an effort to throw on something besides pajamas, even if you’re just lounging around the house.


Yes, most gyms are still closed. This means people with workout routines may be feeling a little stir crazy! However, exercising in the era of coronavirus is still possible. In fact, many people have found creative ways to incorporate workouts into their day. Nutrition and physical exercise are crucial for health, preventing disease, and can help you find your happiness.

Not only can an exercise routine help soothe stress and anxiety by improving your mood, but it can also offer immune support, and maybe even ward off the coronavirus! Some creative ways people are getting their exercise in from home is by investing in a Peloton bike, following free YouTube workout videos, or just taking a walk around the block. Many people report feeling happier after exercising, so this suggestion is one that’s worth a shot!

Make A Bucket List

The pandemic eventually has to end, right? When it does, it will be nice to have some well thought out plans in hand! In fact, creating two bucket lists may be helpful. The first bucket list could include a list of things to complete while stuck at home.

This can include anything from reorganizing the kitchen, to video chatting with long-distance friends. The possibilities are endless! The second bucket list can focus on post-covid plans. Is there anything you’re looking forward to doing or anywhere you’re looking forward to going once the pandemic settles down? If so, write it down. It will keep you on a happy and positive path so that you can find happiness and give you something to look forward to as the world navigates these difficult times.

Focus on the Little Things (like buying & gifting flowers)

Chasing happiness can be really exhausting. Rather than trying to search for it, focus on the little things that you know will bring a smile to your face. Reflect on the things that you enjoy and the things that make you feel good. Prepare a family meal and cuddle on the couch with your dog. Sometimes we get caught in life’s hustle and bustle so we take these actions for granted.

Also focus on small actions and helping people out. Shop for your elderly neighbors or gift someone flowers. Flowers are proven to make people happy and are a wonderful way of focusing on the small things that make life so great. After all, during a crisis, it’s the little things that begin to matter as we try to find additional meaning in our lives.

Be Gentle With Yourself

We only have one life, so be kind to yourself. There has been so much emphasis placed on hand washing and practicing social distancing, but not enough on self-care. Sometimes anxiety and stress can cause us to cry, overeat, and lose sight of who we really are. It’s important to know that it’s OK. Be mindful of how you feel and try to stay in the moment.

Forgive yourself for the times when you aren’t able to be your best—everyone experienced it at one time or another. A little compassion goes a long way. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend—with tenderness, love, generosity, and free of judgement.

Use this pandemic and quarantine time to make practical like-changing decisions for yourself and find opportunities every day to include bits and pieces of happiness into your life. Who knows? You may even emerge from this time of adversity even stronger and happier than before!