Hey girl! Are you the “quarantine is the pits” type or the “leave me alone with my books and my coffee” girl? Either way…we hear you! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five ways to make your home cozier during quarantine!

We’re in our fifth month of quarantine and working from home in pajamas is becoming a total drag. Staying at home is beginning to feel like it will never come to an end. Although we can’t control how long we will be confined to our homes, but we can control how we feel about our environment. Staying positive about our space is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to keeping cabin fever under control and surviving a pandemic. Below are some hacks for transforming your living space into your personal haven where you’ll be glad to be quarantined.

Clean and Re-organize

Who doesn’t love a clean space? Keeping your environment clean and organized is good for your mind and can help you enjoy spending time at home. If your home looks a little hectic, take this time to turn it around and clean! In fact, putting on some music and deep cleaning the house may help you feel productive and result in a more relaxing atmosphere.

You can start by rearranging the furniture in the room or creating a corner for lounging around and working. These changes might seem small but can make the world of a difference! All of a sudden spending all day at home doesn’t look too bad.

Light Some Candles!

Everyone knows that candles are the ultimate way to set a soothing environment. There’s something about the flickering candlelight and the scent that sets the mood for relaxation. If you’re in the market for some candles, consider purchasing some with essential oils as a way to practice aromatherapy.

This alternative form of holistic therapy can help improve and balance you emotionally and physically. Working, exercising and living in the same place is enough to make anyone stir-crazy and candles may help reduce some of that stress and anxiety.

Make Your Home Cozier with Flowers

Have you ever received flowers that you WEREN’T happy about? Unlikely. That’s because flowers make us happy. Adding elements of nature like flowers inside the home promotes well-being. Studies show that flowers naturally reduce stress, boost moods, and can even make us more productive.

Decorating areas in the home with a beautiful bouquet improves both the look and the ambiance of the house and brings some happiness to make it a cozy home.

Luxury Linens Make A Home Cozier

I mean, we need our beauty rest, right? Clean, luxurious sheets and a well-made bed create a feeling of calm and order. At a time where we have so many stressors on our mind, these are some details that can quickly change the mood in the house and can make your home cozier.

Having an organized room also relaxes the mind and limits distractions. Plus, what better way of getting your beauty sleep than in between some lavish satin sheets.

No Dirty Laundry!

Sure, maybe you’re currently wearing the same pajamas for the third day in a row but eventually you’re going to run out of clean underwear. Make sure to throw your clothes in the washer before it piles up. I mean, that makes the home cozier, right? Dirty clothes sitting in a corner is unsightly and having clean clothes to wear will allow you to feel recharged and motivated to get the day going, even if it means you have nowhere to go except the kitchen.

We’re looking forward to no longer living in isolation, but for now focus on creating a happy and healthy environment for yourself. Once we’re able to return to our normal schedules, working from home in your pajamas, with a bouquet and some scented candles, may not seem like such a bad idea after all!

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