A bouquet of fresh-cut flowers is the perfect accent for Texas summer living. From the centerpiece to your backyard barbecue to outdoor décor, there are literally hundreds of different ways to incorporate fresh flowers into your everyday summer activities.


Unfortunately, flowers do not like the heat as much as you do. If you want to use flowers in your summertime decorating and incorporate them into your outdoor activities, you will need to take steps to protect those delicate blossoms from the harsh summer heat.


Get Your Fresh-Cut Flowers Off to the Right Start

The protection from summertime heat should start before you get your fresh-cut flowers home. If you are planning to bring flowers home from the supermarket, think ahead and get them off to the best start possible.


If the supermarket is right down the street, these precautions may not be necessary, but if you will be driving more than a few minutes you should bring a bucket or other container of cold water with you when you go to the store.


When you bring the flowers out of the store, start by carefully removing the rubber bands to free the stems. Be sure not to damage the stems as you remove the rubber bands and other materials. Place the cut flowers into the water immediately to keep them cool and protect them from the heat.


If you are not able to bring a bucket with you, or if the flower purchase was a spur of the moment one, you can still protect the stems. Just wrap a damp paper towel around the base of the stems after removing the rubber band. This will protect the delicate stems and keep the flowers cool until you can get them in water.


Choose a Suitable Vase

Be sure to put the flowers in water as soon as you return home from the store. Choose a vase that is large enough to accommodate all the stems. You do not want the flowers to be cramped or the stems to be compressed. If you have a large bouquet, you may need to separate it and display the blooms in separate vases. It is better to have too few blossoms in a vase than too many, especially in the harsh summer heat.


If you plan to display your flowers outdoors, try to keep them out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Choose a shady spot on the patio for your floral bouquet; it will keep the flowers cool and prevent heat-related wilting.


You can increase the life of your flowers by taking them inside during the hottest part of the day. Changing the water frequently and keeping it cool will also help protect the flowers and make your bouquet last longer.


With a few simple precautions, flowers can be an integral part of your summertime entertaining. A fresh bouquet of flowers is the perfect accent for the table at your next party, and a bunch of fresh-cut flowers is a great hostess gift for a backyard barbecue. Just be sure to protect those precious blooms from the harsh rays of the sun.


In short, here are some quick tips to protect your flowers from the heat:

-Have a bucket with water in your car for supermarket pick up

-Wrap Damp paper towel around the stems

– Use a vase that fits all the stems

-Keep out of direct sunlight

-Place in a shady place


Do you have any flower care tips that you can share? 

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