You may have heard of the five love languages.

Ever had a loving gesture go completely unappreciated or spent time daydreaming about flowers you never received from a significant other? How did you feel at that moment? Were you disappointed?

Are You Speaking the Same Love Language?

There’s no question that each person has a way they prefer to receive love and affection. Sometimes these feelings of sadness and confusion are caused by a disconnect from the love language you speak. Marriage counselor Dr. Gary Chapman wrote a book breaking down how we think about love. According to Dr. Chapman, there are five love languages that describe how we communicate and receive love.

Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

Therefore, in honor of Singles Awareness Day today, we want you to understand the five love languages and how you can apply them to loving yourself. After all, there is so much more to love than romantic love. The five love languages can be applied directly to the relationship we have with ourselves, without a doubt.

So, what’s your self-love language? `Read below to figure it out!

Quality Time

Take a little time for yourself. One of the most important love languages is spending some quality time with yourself. In fact, by taking a day off from work to focus on yourself and your mental wellbeing, you subsequently allow your mind and body to rest.

By overbooking our schedules, we therefore forget that it’s very easy to overwhelm ourselves and burn out. For this reason, don’t stress yourself or lose out on sleep.


Deliberately turn off your phone, immediately block out upcoming deadlines, and sleep in as long as you want! In short, focus on self-care and some of your favorite hobbies that usually allow you to decompress. Go out to eat, get a pedicure, and buy yourself flowers afterwards!

The point is to truly focus on you.

Words of Affirmation

Don’t you just love when a guy calls you beautiful? Newsflash: you don’t need him to! You can fill your own head with those pretty little compliments. Frequently write down the things you like most about yourself. Then look at yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself.

Remind yourself that you’re without a doubt strong, gorgeous, and intelligent. Each of us has our own stories, battles, and achievements. It’s important to reflect on these things clearly and remind ourselves about who we are and how we can be a little kinder to ourselves.

Acts of Service

We know what you’re thinking—a shopping spree! While that does sort of count as an act of service, you may however want to dig a little deeper. Do things for yourself that matter. This can involve tidying up your home. Creating a neat environment for yourself is a great way to start being nicer to yourself.

A clean house can help your self-esteem and mental health, which will only help you thrive! Acts of service can also mean doing things for yourself that you enjoy. Cook yourself your favorite meal or give yourself an hour of uninterrupted T.V. time. Worry about your own happiness through your actions.

Physical Touch