Halloween in the state of Texas provides unique opportunities. On Halloween, hollering like a madman at children is not only accepted, but encouraged. If you’ve ever wanted to choke down three whole bags of chocolate bars, this is the day to do it. No one will care.


More often than not, however, Halloween requires some additional work. Kids often need help with their costumes. Someone has to organize that carnival at the school. Whatever your duties this Halloween, these three uses of fresh cut flowers can help you get the job done.


Use Flowers to Make a Costume Pop

Little princess wearing floral wreath

Nothing quite captures the imagination of a child like dressing up for Halloween. And nothing quite captures the occasional frustration of being a parent like helping them do it. Who wants to admit that an MBA has inadequately prepared you to apply face paint in precisely the manner shown on the box? You can, however, make a costume special without having to attend Clown College.


Because of their association with traditions and life events, flowers can help give a costume a certain authenticity–what filmmakers and novelists call “verisimilitude.” Whether tying homemade elements together or distinguishing a store-bought costume from the ready-made crowd, flowers add pizazz.


You don’t need to buy expensive custom arrangements either. Seasonal flower bouquets are priced starting at just a few dollars. With a couple minutes of creative effort, you can refashion a bouquet of flowers to suit your specific need.


Consider the following examples. All brides–whether traditional or otherworldly–require a bridal bouquet of flowers. Attendees of zombie proms will, of course, want their corsage or boutonniere. According to experts, Count Dracula never leaves his crypt without a flower gracing his lapel. And as everyone knows, both elven and fairy princesses prefer a floral crown.


Use Flowers to Complete Decorations


Halloween decorations comprise more than just jack-o’-lanterns. Fresh cut flowers can improve just about any display of seasonal horror. Moreover, in certain situations guests will prefer flowers to the typically icky decorations common to the holiday. Although haunted houses often use items like cobwebs and plastic pests for decor, fresh cut flowers can complement many scenes of terror. Of course, no respectable coffin would be caught without its funerary arrangement. Also, smartly placed specimens, plucked from a bouquet of flowers, enhance any grassy mockup, haunted or not. If bought far enough in advance, fresh cut flowers become dry, dead flowers, which can add a creepy touch to any room.


Needless to say, food and the space around it should never horrify. Flowers carry connotations of health and cleanliness that, say, snakes and skeletons do not. Snack tables, counters with punchbowls and any dining areas will benefit from the presence of seasonal flower bouquets.


Similarly, bathrooms are not the place to send people jumping out of fear. A bouquet of flowers on the counter by a sink, or atop a toilet’s tank, can reassure guests about using the facilities.


Use Flowers to Thank Your Helpers, So They Will Help Again


Seldom does a person perform the work of Halloween alone. You might receive help from a spouse or an entire PTA. Either way, a gift of fresh cut flowers will not only convey your appreciation, but also encourage the recipient to help next time.


And there is always a next time.


According to popular legend, holidays are special occasions for restful celebration. Maybe they are for some people. For most adults, though, Halloween provides an opportunity to make the occasion special for someone else. Fresh cut flowers can help with your holiday obligations by making a costume pop, completing decorations and rewarding your helpers. If all goes well, you might even get to take a nap.