If you are looking for a way to spend some quality time with your kids, just stop by the supermarket for a few bouquets of flowers and the local craft store for a few basic supplies. Armed with those simple materials, you and your son or daughter can create some floral crafts you can be proud of.

The great thing about floral crafts is that every member of the family can join in. Even the tiniest kids can cut out construction paper bookmarks or fold handmade greeting cards. The older kids can create other craft sensations, from floral headbands and jewelry to stunning floral arrangements. Here are a few kid craft ideas to get you started.



Children love to do science experiments and dyeing flower is part science. Most people do not know that flowers actually drink the water in the vase in order to stay fresh. You an use this flower trait and create your own colored flowers by adding a little food coloring or color tablets to the water in the vase. Changing the color of a flower is as easy as dyeing Easter eggs. You can even use any leftover Easter egg kits.

Dye your flowers project. Great idea to teach your kids about fresh flowers.It is truly simple, just have your kids select flowers from your local HEB store. Then add water to a container with a couple drops of food coloring. After mixing the food coloring, have you kids cut the stems of the flowers at an angle and place the flower in the water. Sit back and watch as your flowers change colors. Kids love this because it is an experiment that you can see results quickly and they learn a little bit more about nature’s decor, flowers!


In this world of e-cards, there is something special about a physical greeting card. There is something even more special about a homemade greeting card handcrafted by the youngest members of the family.

Compliment your kids greeting cards with fresh flowersAll you need to create these floral wonders is an assortment of card stock from the local office supply store, a hot glue gun or suitable adhesive and a variety of beautiful flowers. Whether you make dozens of cards to keep on hand or create them for each special occasion, you and the kids will have lots of fun



This project is perfect for when you are hosting a party, wedding, dinner or just an extra special family night. Your kids can assist you in making the best party ever  because nothing says celebration like flowers. All you need is a bouquet from your supermarket and a plate or cookie sheet, you want your flower petals to be spread out. Select your favorite flowers and start plucking the petals off the stem and place them on a plate. Once you are done place them in your refrigerator to keep them fresh longer. Once your party starts pull your flower confetti out and get ready to have a celebration.Have fun this summer with outdoor parties. Get your kids help by making fresh flower confetti.



Summer time is here and you know what that means its time to head to the beach. Kids love the beach and as most moms know its time for sand castles. Why not have something extra for you kid’s sand castles to make it memorable. Just take a bouquet of flowers in your  cooler. As long as flowers are in a cold area they will stay fresh longer.

Summer time means beach time. Add some flower flare to your kids sand castles.



No matter which floral craft creations you and the kids choose to make, you will have a lot of fun and become closer as a family. Craft projects can bring you and your kids closer together and give you a wide variety of beautiful gifts for the people you love.

Do you have any fun kids crafts for the summer?

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