It’s no mystery that hydrangeas are some of the most delicate flowers. Hydrangeas are needy, pretty little things that require plenty of attention to keep them looking beautiful and healthy.

Keep on reading because today, we’ve got y’all covered with some simple care tips that’ll help you care for your Lone Star Living April hydrangea beauties!

Care Tips for Long Lasting Fresh Cut Lone Star Living Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are the mermaid blooms — you guessed it, they love water and drink tons of it! We highly recommend you add water everyday and spritz water on the petals too.

Ever notice how weak & droopy their petals can get? That’s because they’re thirsty! Keep them blooming by properly hydrating them from top to bottom with cool water.

Care Tips for Long Lasting Fresh Cut Lone Star Living Hydrangeas

Because hydrangeas drink a great deal of H2O, changing the water is just as crucial.

We’re all guilty of forgetfulness and at some point have left flower arrangements unattended, leading to smelly flower water (gross)!

Prevent this from happening by changing their water every 3 to 4 days (particularly for hydrangeas). While you’re at the sink, bring out your floral shears and cut the stem at an angle as you add fresh water to your vase. This is another important tip to make note of for longevity and floral health reasons. Remember, flowers are a form of life just like animals — hydrangeas breathe through their stems, petals, and leaves.

How to Care for Hydrangea Flowers

Just like water and cutting their stems, placing hydrangeas in a cool environment is just as essential. They love natural light but not heated areas or humidity!

Position your hydrangea bouquet near a window where the sun doesn’t harshly shine. If you’d like to have them outdoors for a few hours, you totally could — just be sure they’re under a shaded area.

Now that we’ve shared the principal hydrangea care tips, we hope you’re feeling confident & positive.

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