It is an annual rite of passage and a time of excitement for parents and children everywhere. Whether your kids are getting ready for the first day of kindergarten or heading off to elementary or middle school, you should not miss out on the chance to meet your child’s teacher, talk about the upcoming school year and get ready for the adventure ahead.


If you are one of those teachers, you are probably looking forward to orientation day just as much as the parents and children who will soon be visiting your classroom. You will spend the days and weeks leading up to orientation day preparing your classroom and making sure everything is in its place. From arranging the pile of books on your desk just so, writing a welcome message on the chalkboard and arranging the items on the class bulletin board, you work hard to make sure everything is perfect when the first group of parents and children arrive.


You can perk up your classroom and make orientation day even more special by incorporating flowers into the celebration. If you teach young children, you can research floral crafts that are easy for young hands yet still impressive. It could be something as simple as giving each child a small plastic bud vase and a single bloom. The kids in your class can create their own floral arrangements and have a wonderful gift to give their parents when orientation day is over.


If your class is made up of older children, you might want to teach a quick course on drying flowers and creating permanent crafts. Think how special back to school orientation will be when you hand each parent and child a flower drying kit and a blank bookmark.


To get started, just fill a bowl or large vase with a fresh bouquet of flowers and invite each participant to take their favorite blossom. Each parent and child can then spend part of back to school orientation night drying their favorite blossom and creating a memento they can use throughout the school year.


There are plenty of other crafts you can use to fill your classroom with fresh flowers and bring a breath of fresh air to every orientation day. From formal flower arranging sessions to simple crafts suitable for the smallest children, there are plenty of great ways to make your orientation day the talk of the school.


While all those floral crafts will be lots of fun, you can also incorporate flowers into your decorating scheme for back to school teacher orientation day. The ideas are simply endless – you could create an educational poster showing the parts of a flower, or a chart showing the various types of flowers in the local area. No matter what you choose, flowers can make orientation day an even more special event.

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