Hey Y’all

The state of Texas remains a fairly distinctive place. The second largest state in the union, Texas has land that just keeps going and going. Just as wide as those open spaces, the smiles on the faces of residents make everyone feel welcome. And both spaces and faces in the state come in distinctive urban and rural varieties.Perhaps nothing in the state of Texas, though, is as distinctive as its culture. Tex-Mex cuisine fuses food from both the new and old worlds. You couldn’t miss all the western wear if you tried, particularly the cowboy boots and hats. And that guy over there is not the heavyweight champion, but just some fella wearing an average Texas belt buckle. However, gatherings of Texans, from rodeos to country fairs, provide the best examples of life in Texas. Fresh cut flowers from your local H-E-B improves nearly every gathering and event associated with life in Texas. You can get affordable, seasonal flower bouquets even on a moment’s notice.

Three Texas house parties that should always have fresh cut flowers:


Texas Event 1:  Two-step Dance


Hosting a two-step dance offers a great chance to get together with friends and family. Of course, “two-step” actually refers to a wide variety of dances, including the Schottische, jitterbug and various kinds of line dances. Whether renting a dance hall or assembling a sectional floor in the backyard, a two-step dance provides entertainment for Texans young and old.


You can make sure everyone remembers your dance by decorating with fresh cut flowers. If you’re renting a dance hall, railing or ledges on the walls surrounding the floor make especially good spots to place seasonal flower bouquets. If, on the other hand, you are assembling a floor, you can add a bouquet of flowers to any displays around the corners or sides, being careful not to impede access.organizations invited


You can also use a bouquet of flowers as a base for further arrangements. Tables with drinks and snacks will look extra nice with floral accents added. Seating areas benefit from both simple and complex arrangements.

Lone Star Living TIP: On the refreshment table add small mixed flower bouquets and lit candles in various places to make the table look fuller. 



Texas Event 2: Outdoor Music


Music in the state of Texas has a long and storied tradition. The state has produced a number of famous musicians including Buddy Holly, Willie Nelson and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Whether they like western swing or modern country, and whether they’re in Luckenbach or Austin, Texans love getting together for live, outdoor music.


Fresh cut flowers turn both back-porch sing-alongs and big-stage productions into moments to remember. You can decorate seating areas with seasonal flower bouquets, so guests will enjoy more than just the music. Stages and other performance areas will look great when lined with seasonal flower bouquets.


Texas Event 3: Backyard Barbecue


Perhaps no other activity so represents the lifestyle in Texas as the backyard barbecue. Who hasn’t had brisket, potato salad and peach cobbler on a summer Sunday afternoon? Gatherings of family and friends can be started by simply spreading a tablecloth and firing up the grill.


Even casual barbecues benefit from fresh cut flowers. A bouquet of flowers atop a checked tablecloth can turn a ho-hum table into a celebration. You can also use a seasonal bouquet of flowers to fashion floral place settings. A single flower can make a natural napkin ring that will impress everyone.


Lone Star Living is more than cowboy boots and tacos; the lifestyle concerns every aspect of life in Texas and, more importantly, their celebrations. Enhance your Texas Events by using fresh cut flowers at two-step dances, outdoor music events and backyard barbecues.

After all, the people are worth the fuss.