Attention all Bridgerton fans! The wait is finally over – Season 3 of Bridgerton has arrived on Netflix, and it’s time to celebrate in style with the ultimate tea party. Gather your girlfriends, because we’re about to dive into the world of high society scandals and romantic rendezvous, all while sipping on some hot tea. 

To ensure your Bridgerton-inspired tea party is an affair to remember, here are some essentials you’ll need: 

  1. Your Favorite Fine Teas: Elevate your tea experience with a choice of your favorite fine teas, including classics like Earl Grey and soothing Chamomile. 
  2. Delicious Pastries: Treat yourself and your guests to a variety of small pastries, macarons, and finger sandwiches – because no tea party is complete without some sweet and savory treats. 
  3. Fine China: Serve your tea in style with an assortment of fine China cups and saucers, adding a touch of sophistication to the affair- and the perfect aesthetic for an impromptu Instagrammable moment. 
  4. Accompaniments: Don’t forget the essentials like sugar, milk, and lemon slices to customize your tea just the way you like it. 
  5. Comfortable Seating: Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with a comfortable sitting area adorned with plenty of pillows, perfect for lounging and spilling the tea with your besties. 
  6. Floral Decor: Set the mood with a pretty bouquet of Lone Star Living flowers from H-E-B, adding a touch of Spring and color to your tea party setting. 
  7. Bridgerton Playlist: Set the scene with the new season of Bridgerton episodes, providing the perfect backdrop as you sip tea and immerse yourself in the drama of Regency-era London. 

So, ladies, get ready to channel your inner Lady Whistledown and host the ultimate Bridgerton-inspired tea party. It’s time to sip, savor, and scandalize in style!