Are you ready for a happier year? We think everyone is! 2020 opened up with Australian wildfires and a new Persian Gulf crisis. Then from there, it really went downhill. We are so relieved we’re in 2021.

Although we won’t know if 2021 will actually be better, there are lots of things we can do to turn our frowns upside down and create our own happiness. By training our minds to not only look at things in a more positive light, but also finding small ways to make our lives happy, we can make the best out of what’s yet to come.

Bring On the Flowers

Adding flowers to your home décor is a great way to make your home feel alive and like a place you want to be in. When you think about how to improve your mood, flowers may not always come to mind. Sometimes switching out old furniture or painting the walls seems like the first “go-to” when designing a positive ambiance.

But did you know that all you really need is flowers? They’re an environmentally friendly, budget-friendly, and beautiful way to liven up your home. Not to mention, placing them in different places around the house can make it look warmer and friendlier. And let’s be real: Who couldn’t use some of THAT in 2021?

Still not convinced? Here are other reasons you should incorporate flowers into your life more often in 2021.

Adds a Pop of Color

It doesn’t really matter what type of flowers they are; they always seem to liven up the house! With H-E-B’s curbside pickup, you can choose your favorite Lone Star Living bouquet that will be sure to add the prettiest colors to your home. There’s nothing like setting a bright bouquet in your kitchen so that you can get a glimpse whenever you walk by.

Adds Natural Perfume

Forget the incense! Flowers aren’t just beautiful to look at. Another way they can lift your mood is by adding a fresh natural aroma to any room! Some flowers can even improve your home’s air quality.

Make a floral arrangement centerpiece for your living room in order to add a botanical scent and some color.

It’s as simple as swinging by your local H-E-B and picking up your favorite Lone Star Living bouquet. Then chop and drop them into your favorite vase.

An Inviting Touch

Make sure to add flowers to your porch a little more often this upcoming year. Decorating your home’s entry with a bouquet is a great way to welcome guests and add a little style to your home. Also, add two bouquets in pretty vases on each side of your entryway for a grand entrance and to create some balance and harmony.

Easy on Your Pocket

Can you think of a more budget-friendly way to glam up your space? Flowers are an inexpensive way to make your house look appealing. For under $15, you can switch out your Lone Star Living bouquet every month and give your home a new look and feel. Not to mention, all your flowers need is sunlight, flower food, and a little bit of love.

Just Buy Yourself the Flowers

These are just a handful of reasons you should bring flowers into your life more often in 2021. Flowers come in so many colors, shapes, sizes, and smells. There are a ton of possibilities for decorating and sprucing up your home in a way that will have you smiling all year!

For more tips and tricks on how you can use your flowers in 2021, read our meditation station D.I.Y here!