Ladies of Lone Star is our blog series where we get up close and personal with the ladies who handle all of the nitty-gritty details here at Lone Star Living. Our employees help make us who we are and have helped our workplace culture bloom. We’re truly proud to have them as part of our Lone Star Living team.

Our vision would be difficult to bring to life if it wasn’t for our graphic designer, Valerie Villa. For the month of December, we got to learn more about Val. Her job as one of our Ladies of Lone Star Living is to therefore come up with creative strategies and ensure the quality of our creative work.

Val makes sure that each one of our projects specifically aligns with our research and strategies. Moreover, she challenges herself to think creatively and pushes her own creative boundaries.

A whole lot certainly goes into Val’s role. Curious as to what it’s like to work as a graphic designer for flowers? Then read her interview below.

Meet Our Graphic Artist

Q: As the graphic designer for Lone Star Living, can you explain some of the ways you are directly involved with the brand?

A: I design the colorful blocks on Instagram and Facebook and play with the typography for the quotes. Meanwhile, I also design the website and update monthly headers on the site in order to set the theme for the month.

Q: What are some major steps in your creative process?

A: First, my creative process involves researching design trends and looking for inspiration.

Next, I brainstorm and narrow down my favorite or applicable trends and inspiration to begin carving out the look and feel of the design. Then I work with the brand assets to finally visually represent the messaging for that month.

Q: What would you say makes a successful design for Lone Star Living?

A: A successful design should be playful, bright, and bold, of course.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for Lone Star Living designs?

A: Pinterest is everything!

Q: How long have you been working in the floral industry and what is the most satisfying part about working with flowers?

A: I’ve been working in the flower industry for two years now. The best part about working in floral is the final product itself results in something so naturally beautiful. Additionally, I love that I’ve learned so much about flowers and how it’s definitely turned me into a floral shopper!

Q: What do you most enjoy about the Lone Star Living brand, and what would you say makes LSL different from other brands frequently offered at H-E-B?

A: I truly love Lone Star Living’s monthly bouquet colors. So you can imagine how excited I get excited for each new month when they bring in fresh new color palettes.

Q: Do you have a favorite flower, and what about it most catches your eye?

A: My favorite flower has always been the spray rose. Because of their smaller size, they look very sweet.

Q: Can you give us your most mind-blowing flower fact?

A: Some flowering plants will continue blooming flowers after they’ve been cut. However, others flowering plants will only bloom once.

Q: How about your most useful piece of flower trivia?

A: Consistently cut your stems every few days to keep your flowers fresh!

Q: Name two flowers that you think make a beautiful pair and explain why.

A: I love the way roses and charmelia look together. In fact, it’s one of my favorite combinations.

Q: In what way do you feel that women can use flowers to show themselves a bit of self-love?

A: Flowers bring a smile to your face and there is no question that sometimes that’s all you truly need to feel good about yourself.

Next time you’re on the Lone Star Living Instagram page, pay special attention to the design details, and remember that Val is one of the Ladies of Lone Star making them happen.

Thanks for all you do, Val!