Hey girl. We know that most days, you’re on the go and you may not have 5 minutes for yourself. We know because we are in the same boat over here at Lone Star Living. Our team is made up of students, moms, caregivers, girlfriends, partners, and sisters…the works! What we all have discussed and know we have in common is that we do enjoy those pockets of “me moments” we find throughout the week (maybe even the month), when we can unwind and do something WE like to do. This Fall is all about getting COZY and we are excited to share with you our From Farm to You to Table program exclusively at H-E-B where you become the floral designer! Let us explain!


From Farm to You to Table was created to help you elevate your Lone Star Living bouquet experience. Every month, we hand-select an additional “+1” flower bunch that will pair perfectly with your Lone Star Living bouquet. If that wasn’t cool enough, a +1 vase will complement the arrangement featured on our monthly online tutorials featuring H-E-B’s star floral designer, and your “Floral BFF, Andy Hopper! Follow every month and escape into the world of a pro-designer from the comfort of your home.


Here’s How it Works!


Find us!

Look out for our Farm to You to Table displays at your favorite H-E-B Blooms department. What you’re looking for is a rack with the Lone Star Living bouquet with signage that says “Scan and Create” accompanied by a +1 bunch and the matching vases. It looks like this!


The next step is to take 1 of each. Take your September LSL bouquet, a +1 bunch, and your vase. Put them in your cart with love. You’re going to have so much fun with this.


Set the Mood and Gather the Goods.  It’s been a long week! Clear your countertop, light a candle, and lay out some snacks. You will need some clean water, some sheers, and a trash can nearby.  


Scan and Create.  Click here or scan the QR code on the Lone Star Living sleeve. Set your laptop or phone up (you can also cast to your smart TVs). You’ll be greeted by Andy Hopper, your “Floral BFF”. 


Have fun.  Enjoy your “me moment” as you follow Andy through a relevantly easy/quick tutorial. Andy will show you designer tactics and design concepts you never thought of. He will show you how to take your already pre-arranged LSL Fall bouquet to the next level by adding a +1 bunch. At the end of the evening, you’ll feel like you hung out with your bestie!


Cozy Up.  Now you’re a pro! Once your bouquet is looking Fall Fab and Dinner Party approved, hit it with a shot for the gram. Place it in your favorite spot and then cozy up with a nice cup of coffee to bask in the presence of your masterpiece. Oh yes, also update your LinkedIn profile to “Pro Floral Designer.”


We hope you will take a few minutes for yourself this Fall to unwind and get cozy! 

Just remember…YOU GOT THIS!