Are you ready for some Football & Flowers?! Super Bowl 50 is right around the corner and just like any special event it needs to be celebrated. Nothing else says celebration like fresh flowers in the center of your table with all those delicious Super Bowl party snacks. Setting up for your Super Bowl party may be a bit costly… so here is an easy and inexpensive Super Bowl party flower arrangement hack using an old football:

MATERIALSFlower Vase Idea for Super Bowl Party

  • Old football
  • Lone Star Living Bouquet
  • Vase or mason jar
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors

Quick Tip: If you don’t have an old football you can get one in a thrift store or yard sale.



STEP 1: 

Place your vase or mason jar against the football to measure where you are going to cut. Make sure the bottom of the mason is 2 inches above the other tip of the football. Mark it with a sharpie all the way around the football.

Flower arrangement hack for your Super Bowl Party


STEP 2: 

Here is the fun part, pop a hole where the line starts. Make sure to make the hole big enough to fit your scissors. Then cut along the line all the way around the football. I know it is painful to cut into an old football, but by upcylcing your putting it back in the game.

Flower arrangement for your Super Bowl Party


STEP 3: 

Have you ever seen inside of a football?! Now you will, make sure to pull out anything that is inside the football. Mine had a black balloon.

Pic - LSL Football DIY 5 website - 012916



Flip the football upside down and cut two inches off the other tip. Flatten out the bottom by placing the vase or mason jar inside with water.

DIY Super Bowl Flower Arrangement for your party


STEP 5: 

Whala, PARTY!!!!

Sports flower arrangement with football vase



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