Whether you are searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift or just looking for a way to make your mom feel special, fresh flowers are the perfect choice. Picking up flowers for Mom is easy. You do not have to go out of your way, go online or make a special trip. Just stop by the supermarket, pick your favorite blooms and give your mom a queen for the day experience that she will treasure forever.

Mother’s Day Planner:


The day before Mother’s Day: 

Preparation is key to pulling off the Queen for the day experience. All you need are two or three fresh flower bouquets from HEB or any local supermarket. Make sure the flowers are either her favorite colors or have meaning behind it. You will also need some supplies to create a floral crown and a kit to preserve flowers, which you can find at your local craft store.


Mother’s Day Morning:   

Make your mom feel like a queen on her special day by making her an actual crown with fresh flowers. All you need are a few simple supplies from the local craft store and a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the local supermarket. The floral crown is a perfect gift for the kids to work on. Mom is sure to be touched by the hard work and dedication her kids put into such a heartfelt gift. Checkout our DIY Fresh Flower Crown board on Pinterest, we collected the easiest tutorials for you to pick.


Mother’s Day Afternoon:

If the special lady in your life enjoys a day at the spa, why not make her own bathtub into a spa experience with the gift of flowers?  All you need to recreate the spa experience at home is a tub, some bubble bath and an assortment of fresh flowers.

Fill the tub with relaxing warm water and her favorite bubble bath and top it all off with colorful flower petals. When everything is ready to go, you can invite your mom into the bathroom, hand her a thick fluffy robe and invite her to indulge in her own spa experience. It is truly a bath fit for a queen – and the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day, Mom’s birthday or any special occasion.


Mother’s Day Evening: 

The beauty of a floral gift can extend beyond Mother’s Day. You can transform one of the fresh flower bouquets that you purchased into a treasured family heirloom by drying and preserving a few blossoms. Have the floral drying materials that you pick up the day before ready on a table. Surprise mom with a home project that you and here can do together. You can create bookmarks, framed art pieces or any other memento that both of you can come up with. Mom is sure to be touched by the time you spent with her.  

Even if your mom is impossible to buy for, you can enjoy a wonderful Mother’s Day when you give the gift of flowers. Every mom loves to feel like a queen on her special day, and flowers are the perfect way to pamper her and give her the most precious gift if all time, she will remember this day forever.