So! You’ve enjoyed arranging flowers but this year you want to level up your already awesome skills? We got you a NO PRESSURE, LOW Maintenance, Budget Friendly Hobby for 2023!  

H-E-B teamed up with your favorite bouquet (made especially for Texas women), Lone Star Living to bring you the From Farm to You to Table program. We lovingly like to call it the “+1” program because basically, you get to grab your monthly, pre-arranged Lone Star Living bouquet, your choice of a +1 bunch, and a vase to create an arrangement like a pro!  

Once you get your materials exclusively at H-E-B, here’s what you do: 

Scan your bouquet sleeve:  

Your Lone Star Living bouquet has a QR code on the sleeve! Scan that beauty and wait to be greeted by your floral BFF, Andy Hopper. Andy is an amazing designer with the H-E-B team who will walk you through your designs and help you become a pro.  


Now that you scanned the code, you’re going to want to prop your phone or tablet up somewhere so you can be hands-free as you walk through the class. If you can cast your screen on a TV, even better!  

Materials and Prep 

Most classes will require you to have your Lone Star Living bouquet, your +1 bunch (any bunch you choose), a vase, clean water with mixed-in floral food, and some type of cutting tool. 

*Some videos may require other materials. 

Relax and Arrange  

Unwind as you pull apart, cut, fluff, and have fun arranging along with Andy. These classes are less than 10min. As you pause to work and take a few breaks. This should be about 45-60 minutes of your time!   

Show it off 

Even if it’s just for you, place your arrangement somewhere that makes you happy!  

No pressure but we’d love to see your design, tag us #LoveMyLSL to be featured on our IG.  

We hope you will keep doing what you already love in 2023!   

Remember…YOU GOT THIS!