Hey y’all,

I know what you must be thinking, “a flashlight flower vase, really.” Yes really, you would be surprised how many items can be reused as a vase to decorate your home. Texans love to decorate their home with unique items like a table centerpiece made with bull horns or a coffee table shaped like Texas. No matter what you select as a vase make sure it represents your creativity.

Looking around my home I found an old flashlight and being the unconventional girl that I am, I decided to use it as a vase and share with you how I did it. Check it out:

Step-by-step: DIY Flashlight Vase


Materials: LSL_Mat_Flas

  • Lone Star Living Bouquet™ available in HEB stores
  • Large hollow flash light
  • Surround wrap
  • Tape
  • Stem cutting scissors


Remove all pieces from within the flashlight. Make sure it is hollowed out and has no holes. Add tape to any pieces that cannot be removed.





STEP 2: LSL_FlaStep2a

Grab the surround wrap and measure a piece around the flashlight. Make sure the wrap piece is larger than the width of the flashlight.






Wrap the piece of surround wrap around your hand. TIP: Leave some slack.







Tuck the surround wrap piece into the flashlight. This is a bit tricky, make sure the surround wrap covers the inside of the flashlight. 





STEP 5: LSL_FlaStep5

Fold the surround wrap over the edge of the flashlight and add the rim of the light. This will make sure the surround wrap stays still.











STEP 6: 

Hold both the Lone Star Living Bouquet ™ and the flashlight together.  Measure the length of the flashlight next to the bouquet and cut the stems.






Use the rubber band of the bouquet to hold the flowers  togther. Make sure to cut the stems straight across to ensure the bouquet is straight when placed in the flashlight vase.





LSL_FLAFinalWHALA! No vase,  no problem.

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