Falling in love with autumn is so easy to do!

We know it’s still warm but we’re probably going to bust out the UGGS anyway, right ladies!? Although this year is looking a little different from the others, autumn is the season for pretty foliage, pumpkin flavored everything, fall festivities and so much more!

We think one of the most memorable moments of fall is the changing foliage as the leaves begin to burst with beautiful hues of fiery red and orange, and warm shades of yellow and gold. So in honor of our FAVORITE season, we’ve put together an autumn inspired bouquet to kick off September.

If you’re a die-hard autumn lover who gets giddy at the thought of fall colors, this one’s for you! While apple-picking, hayrides, and rolling in the leaves are some of the most fun parts of fall, sometimes the very best part is just laying around the house with a pumpkin latte in hand and some pretty petals to cozy up the place! Put yourself in the mood for the season by giving your home a taste of autumn.

This very special bouquet includes an assortment of flowers with meanings behind each one to best inspire you to find your happy this season.


Roses are best known for representing love. With the holidays quickly approaching, this is therefore one of the best flowers to bring a sense of peace and warmth to your home. We hope it will inspire you to FALL in love with yourself!


What better way to welcome set the mood than with Charmelia? This beautiful flower represents admiration. These beauties can keep you company for 21 days when cared for properly. Just sit back and watch the change together.


This is our favorite flower this month. Not only is it special since it’s only harvested in the fall, but it also adds an eye-catching touch to September’s bouquet. If there’s one flower that stands out, it’s definitely this one!


These happy flowers are nature’s cheerleaders and express joy, cheerfulness, and love. It’s a perfect flower to ring in the season dedicated to family and love.


This amazing plant gives such a chic look to pretty much any bouquet! When grouped together, this stem creates a beautiful display that emits the kind of positivity we all need to transition into fall with happy hearts and big smiles.

Happiness is homemade. Start creating yours with flowers.

How will you find your happiness this month? Share your blooms with us by tagging #MyLoneStarLiving